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I'm not a hardcore fan, but here's my list:
3.Starfox Adventures
2.Starfox Command (Would be #1, but I hate that damn time limit!)
1.Starfox 64
That's all I've played, I plan to look for Starfox some time and try to get Starfox Assault soon.



Star Fox 64. Like I had to say it.

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Star Fox SNES - baby - and I am not an SNES fan.

The more I play SF64 the less I like it.

I am down on Star Fox and Paunch Out lately....

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SNES had best atmosphere, best levels, best music, and no horrible voice acting story - a.k.a. Bill the Hamster. Sure N64 had much better control but oh well, the d-pad is fine - the d-pad is FINE!

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Oh good, I am neither a gamer or hardcore. Saves me from having to be IGNorant.
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Bill was a HAMSTER?!! I thought he was a Bulldog!

But yeah. Star Fox 64 is my favorite. Then Assault. Then SNES. Then Adventures. Never played Command.

I'm hoping if there's a Wii one it's like Assault, but with a better story and better levels.

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I also hope that a Wii Star Fox is like Assualt because like I said when I started the thread, it is my favorite by far. I just hope that it's longer than Assualt.



Nothing past 64 was any good imo. Onrails shooter or bust I'm afraid.

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Star Fox 64 & StarFox Adventures

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