Topic: The best Mature (ESRB-rated, maturity and what-not) game on a Nintendo platform (in your opinion)

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Question is simple: the best Mature game on a Nintendo platform (in your honest opinion) is?

As for mine, this should give you an idea:

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In order to retrobutton-proof this thread, you might want to state whether you mean "mature" the ESRB rating or "mature" as in the dictionary definition of the word. Given the first example, I'll guess the ESRB rating.

For my part, I would have to say Forsaken on N64.

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If we're talking about the rating, then my pick would be...


weirdadam wrote:

Forsaken on N64.

OMG a game we both love dude!

My favourite mature games on a Nintendo platform are Eternal Darkness and Resi 4.



I'm gonna have to agree with Irken.

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


Mickeymac wrote:

Only one I can think of at the Moment is Eternal Darkness, or maybe RE4: Wii.

That one!

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