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What is your favorite handheld/portable? There are a TON out there and some of them are amazing and some sucked. (looking at you virtual boy)
mine is the gameboy color. I grew up with it and in 2nd grade, people always questioned why I didn't get a DS.

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Mine is the GBA due to both memories (all those Mario SNES ports that also came with Mario Bros, WarioWare, Superstar Saga) as well as ones I'm catching up on (Metroid titles, Minish Cap), but the 3DS is catching up quickly enough, and my favorites beat out the GBA favorites (Kid Icarus and Awakening right now).

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The hyperkin supaboy ....that thing is awsome...snes on the go....



I grew up with the Game Boy, but I am falling in love with my 3DS.



I'm just gonna say almost every handheld Nintendo has released, but even just deciding between those is hard. 3DS currently wins for me a guess.

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DS. It has a wonderful, diverse library and is extremely strong with both first and third party titles. Particularly great for RPGs!

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DS for me. Although 3DS has better 1st party support.

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I wish I could pick a favorite. No handheld withholds a library of quality that I can claim favorable.

Though, I had some good times with the GameBoy Advance and PlayStation Portable.

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Megadrive/Genesis games on the go... That's where it was at baby



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Nomad, Game Gear, or Neo Geo Pocket Color. Not sure which one.

The Atari Lynx and the GBC were great too. And I seriously think the N-Gage got bashed on too much. Small game library but there were some good ones in there.

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Gameboy Advance all the way, man! Metroid Zero Mission! Final Fantasy V Advanced! Gunstar Super Heroes! Boktai! Summon Night! Super Robot Taisen! And so many more great games!

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In order:

1. 3DS XL
2. DSi XL
4. 3DS
5. GB Micro
6. DS Phat
7. GBA
8. GB
9. N-Gage (ugh)

I like them big screenz.

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At the moment it would be the DS. That had a great library of games with some of the highlights being The World Ends with You, Super Mario 64 DS, the Professor Layton games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Animal Crossing: Wild World. I wonder if the 3DS will replace the DS as my favourite handheld after it's been out for a few more years.


Chalk up another vote for Gameboy Advance!

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I haven't gotten the most out of my 3DS yet(Haven't played Kid Icarus, NSMB.2, Zelda OOT3D, Luigi's Mansion 2 & Mario Kart 7.eek!)
so for now I'm going to say the DS Lite!

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Contra 4, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Mega Man ZX:Advent, Super Princess Peach, Kirby's Canvas Curse, Chrono Trigger and the many other revolutionary/innovative titles that make brilliant use of the touch screen are totaly FabioTastic.



I'm not sure about my favorite as handhelds are usually mediocre to begin with.. Maybe the DS since it has my fav Pokémon games.. Also, it always baffles me how people say the 3ds is the best handheld.. It clearly isn't.

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Metal_Sonic wrote:

I'm not sure about my favorite as handhelds are usually mediocre to begin with.. Maybe the DS since it has my fav Pokémon games.. Also, it always baffles me how people say the 3ds is the best handheld.. It clearly isn't.

The 3DS has had some fantastic games. Personally, it is my favourite handheld. Fantastic games like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Super Mario 3D Land, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Fire Emblem: Awakening and many more simply blow my mind. I've gotten more use out of my 3DS than any other system. Furthermore, there have been some fantastic eshop games (VVVVV, Mutant Mudds, et cetera), plus the nostalgia blast from Virtual Console GB and GBC games. Quite frankly, I can understand that the 3DS isn't the best handheld in your opinion, but not how you can condemn those of us who believe it is.



it baffles me how anybody can think the Game Boy Color is the best. Easily the weakest of the lot.

DS > GBA > GB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GBC

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