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In my opinion, the best Final Fantasy of all time is 6. The storyline is one of the best i've ever encountered in an RPG, the soundtrack is enough to make you cry (in a good way) and there's enough gameplay to keep you coming back to it like a former lover. What's your favourite Final Fantasy?

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Final Fantasy VI is my favorite with Final Fantasy IV as a very close second.



Agreed. Final Fantasy VI is my favorite too.

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FF7 followed by 9, thought the storyline for 8 was terrible though I did like its battle system, haven't played much of the earlier versions except 3 on DS, played a few of its spin-offs though, I know most FF fans think 7 is over rated but I don't, being from Europe we didn't get any of the early versions until the remakes.



Final Fantasy X followed Final fantasy VII but Dissidia looks sweet so it may become my new favorite Final fantasy.

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Ricardo91 wrote:

As of what I've played so far:

Best: Final Fantasy IV
Worst: Final Fantasy II

Sadly, I never played FFVI.

Hmmm.... not sure if I agree. Final Fantasy II isn't great at all, but I consider Crystal Chronicles to be slightly worse, in my opinion.

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I know I'm going to be the odd one out here, but I'd say part 12.

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Sorry Im stuck with 7 and 8 as my favs. I still havent played 9 though, Im hopin to see a PSN release on that one one day.

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I would have to say FFIV, followed closely by X, with XII in third place. VII is pretty far down there, though (OVERRATED! )

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Although it's very close, I'm going with Final Fantasy X over VI. Just by a little.

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I agree that VII is overrated, and the series went down from there. FFX was okay, but still overrated.



This is a tough call so I do it this way:

Of the NES era games, the original Final Fantasy and FF3 are pretty close in quality, I think. But given the fact that I've played it through numerous times, including enhanced editions, the crown goes to the original even though the plot might be more involved and gameplay more polished in the third. For the SNES era, its just as close between IV and VI for me, but I can't make a fair call since its been too long since I've played the sixth edition to make an accurate call. All three games on PSX systems I thought were great: Final Fantasy VII while overrated was still made of greatness; Final Fantasy VIII was so radically different, a game that had the most emphasis on a love story and a drastic overhaul to gameplay mechanics, this game was unfairly underrated; and then there's FFIX which was like a nostalgic throwback to the days of black mages and cute chocobos, plus good gameplay means my favorite. With the PS2 games I believe X was overrated beyond even VII, for I hated the execution of a neat idea in the Grid System. XI I was unwilling to play due to prices and other factors, and XII just didn't feel right.

So by breaking it down by generations, my favorites are the original, FFIV, FFVI, and FFIX. I won't count the PS2 games. If I had to take a guess, since its been too longer, my bet is on VI being my favorite. Kefka > Sephiroth. And while the PS2 era was a total letdown for me, the upcoming thirteenth installment looks to be a welcome apology from Square Enix.



For me it's FFX closely followed by FFVI.
I think they had some of the most interesting characters.
Plus FFX had the deepest storyline while FFVI had the most diverse locations.

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Ugh... enough with the "VII is overrated" already. VI is "overrated" too, but you don't see me posting that in every thread I visit too, do you?

... That being said, VII and IV tie as my favorites in the main series, with Dissidia and Itadaki Street Special tied for my favorite in the spinoff category. I love crossovers.



The best Final Fantasy...

Is the one you started off with. No Final Fantasy will have greater memories in your heart than the one you started with.

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Crystal Chronicles, by a country mile!



Final Fantasy VI

The way the characters are introduced is really great and made me develop feelings (gasp) for them.

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Difficult to pick one out because their all special to me in their own way. The ones I enjoyed most however are part IX, X and VI. And since noone mentioned part V yet ... well ... if people think part VII is overrated then part V surely is the most underrated FF. I don't think it's any weaker than the games before it.



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