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sonic is better then mario also mario is a joke to platformer now i dont even want to buy any new mario games till they get creative

You have NO idea how stupid that statement is.
Actually, compared to Sonic, Mario is pretty creative. Don't take this the wrong way, I LOVE the Sonic games, but the stage designs are always the usual. Sure, blasting through stages at 500mph is better than bopping walking fungi and turtles, but Mario has all those powerups, quirky characters, gimmicks, and epic level design. IMO Modern Sonic games are more fun, but Mario's got creativity.

You have no idea how stupid your statement is. Do you really think you're opinion is any more correct than his? It's all opinions not facts.

FACT: Sonic was inspired from speed running in the original Super Mario Bros.

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^That screenshot's crazy! (but possible) LOL

As for the 16-bit war, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was even blinded by it. Though I was a Nintendo-only gamer at that time, I also enjoyed SEGA games like Thunderforce IV, ECCO, The Terminator and Sonic secretly. I think that it was a healthy competition (between Nintendo and SEGA), something which is lacking nowadays.

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