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On the original gameboy Tetris, my dad and I started a competition on mode B (with a high of 0 and the preview on) to try to get the highest score. I got 7 tetrises, which is the max you can get, with a score of 84,363, which is pretty much also the max score. What is the world record for this? I can't find anything on it. (BTW, we use a GameBoy advance)

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#1 - Pretty sure you're wrong on that score there. GB Tetris Game B awards 1200 points for every Tetris, meaning the maximum point total for line-clearing via 7 Tetrises is 8400. You also get points for each piece-drop, so your total (assuming you're being honest) was more likely to be just over 8400, not over 84,000. That score would be impossible.

#2 - What level were you playing at? You mention High of 0, but do not mention the level. Anyways, there are no high scores formally tracked for GB Tetris at High 0. There are scores tracked for both Level 0, High 5 and Level 9, High 5, but nothing for High 0 at any level.
EDIT: @Mandalore is correct, there are listings for High 0 scores at Cyberscore. I should have mentioned i was going by the Twin Galaxies record list. Also, i was incorrect on the score possibility, as i neglected to recall that scores are multiplied as the level increases, so Level 9 gives you 12,000 per Tetris. So basically ignore the entirety of my original post LOL

FYI, the highest posted score for Level 9, High 0 is currently 84,742. Your score would rank 4th on the list.

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Cyberscore has high score charts for this, worth a look.



@the_shpydar My guess is that only High 5 is tracked since that is the hardest setting (which is probably what the high score community is probably most interested in).



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