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I need help connecting my super nintendo system to a lcd screen. I saw a similar thread from 2012 but I didn't know what they were talking about. Is there some place with pics that shows me? Can't post pics here... so my box has a little out box thinger that says antenna... on old tvs that was what we plugged into the back - it has a single pin and is like cable. The TV has red and white jacks, no yellow and it has an antenna jack that the cable thinger fits.

You can see I have technical prowess - RAWR!

I also have one of those adapter boxes that were around briefly when dvd players came out and old tvs couldn't connect. It has the red white and yellow jacks and I have cables that are triplicate(R Y W) and double ended.

Please make it go

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Does your TV have the Red/Yellow/White jacks? If so, then you should easily be able to get a video cable (for SNES, N64 or GameCube, it's the same cord whichever system they say it's for) from ebay quite easily.

No Yellow? I wonder if it's like my Sharp LCD TV which has a component (red/blue/green) jack which also doubles as a composite (on my TV, I think it is the green jack which is used as the composite (yellow) video and I push the Input button on the remote to choose which mode the jack should operate in.
(I think the video would otherwise give a picture but wrong/single color.)



If the TV has component inputs, you can still plug in a composite cable. The colors on the plugs won't match up, but it should still work.

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the color of the cords is irrelevant, just plug the cord from V into the corresponding one to the tv, the other two are always audio

if you have trouble finding the channel, a lot of the LCD/LED tv's have a signal auto detect and may not let you change to the channel your input is on unless the power is on, but if you brought up the menu before you turned the power to your device on, it will often still not show up as an avail channel, so make sure you are on a broadcast channel and not on the channel/input select menu or just turn the tv is off, then turn the SNES (or any other device) on, then either turn the tv on or select the input menu, all should be well by then

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multi-A/V input, HDMI output converter boxes have been out for many, many years, usually $15-$20, making a special cable just for the SNES not only seems wasteful, but sounds like a scam, because I guarantee they won't charge no $5-$10 for that cord

"If failure is the greatest teacher, how come we are not the most superior beings in the universe ???"


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