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WarioWare: 4
Mario Party: 5

Generic party/board game vs. one of the most unique concepts of our time? Hell yes WarioWare gets my vote.

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Mario Party: 6
Wario Ware: 5

Some people are miscounting, @bubly1994's vote was disregarded.

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Mario Party: 6
Wario Ware: 6

@NintyFan, that's a surprise!

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@Alien_Mosky, you posted that right when I was addressing something else.

The mashups end whenever, there's no set amount of time. Its basically determined if one is ahead for a while and then it ends and the winner is declared. If its close for a long time, I'll make it known that its the last chance to vote, and the winner can be decided based on just only one vote.

I try to make sure there's a winner by a good margin to keep it fair, and that requires a good amount of time sometimes.

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Warioware. Mainly because the GBA games are better than any Mario Party or pretty much any minigame game.

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Warioware, but a short margin. While I love messing around with friends in mario party, the wackiness and the fun of Warioware's microgames are simply unbeatable!

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Mario Party.

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WarioWare no contest! I've finished both 'Touched!' and 'Smooth Moves' and they were funkin' phenomenal.
Never cared for the MP series....They got stale very quickly.

Mario Party: 7
WarioWare: 9

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At the moment, WarioWare due to how stale the Mario Party series has gotten. At it's best though (Nintendo 64 days), Mario Party was better than any WarioWare game.

I'd probably go with Mario Party if only due to nostalgia and fond memories of the first two or three games.

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warioware for me- personally speaking, the mini games are better than the mario party ones



WarioWare, even though the N64 Mario Party games are awesome.



@WaveWitch You should totally get the GBA original as well.

Anyway, yeah, Wario Ware for me. I've loved it since the first one. It's one of the most fun, unique and hilarious game franchises around. I've never showed it to anyone who didn't instantly fall in love with it as well. I sold a good few people on the DS in those early days thanks to Touched! Though I do like Mario Party and in a way I think it's the perfect multiplayer game because its relaxed pace and turn-based nature means that when playing with friends it's not so intense and exclusive that you can't talk and socialize while you play.

But anyway, yeah, Wario Ware.


I'd say WarioWare if Mario Party 9 never released.

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