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64 is more nostalgic for me, but the Galaxy games are more fun.

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Super Mario 64 is a great game but Super Mario galaxy is one of the best games ever so that masterpiece gets my vote.


64 best mario game hands down



Super Mario 64: 6
Super Mario Galaxy: 7

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Galaxy is simply a better game. 64 may be more innovative, but, even though it is still very fun, is very dated compared to the Galaxy games. Galaxy also has more unique stages and more variety in bosses, as well as a fantastic musical score.

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Super Mario Galaxy.

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Super Mario 64: 6
Super Mario Galaxy: 9

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Love both, but I'll go with Super Mario 64 because I liked how each world genuinely felt like a living, breathing environment that you got to know every nook and cranny of. Whereas Galaxy, because of how the levels were laid out with all the little planetoids, felt more disconnected and less immersive in that sense. There were only a couple of worlds that I got that feeling from, like the Honeybloom Galaxy (the one with the bee tribe).

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Super Mario 64: 7
Super Mario Galaxy: 9

@Geonjaha, did you vote?

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Mario 64 was great, but Galaxy for me by a mile.

Super Mario 64: 7
Super Mario Galaxy: 10


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Its Super Mario galaxy for me.

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Mario 64 was a huge leap in gaming and never saw the fuss over galaxy though I still liked it, so definitely Mario 64 to me by a long shot.



Super Mario 64: 8
Super Mario Galaxy: 11

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@Reala I see what you mean, and yes, as far as comparing to the previous games that came before it, 64 really was revolutionary. But where the game focused on being fun and "new", I really felt that Mario Galaxy took the mario series and actually turned it into something of an art form. I really felt that it was an evolution as far as atmosphere and what defined platform gaming. I remember liking 64, but I LOVE Galaxy. I don't remember too many games, especially in this current age of loud in-your-face games, where I had to just sit back and look at what was in front of the with a sense of wonder. Where I felt that they tried to force an evolution onto their products in 64 (and in terms of graphics, they did an amazing job, as opposed to what happened to other franchises like Sonic), I feel they actually achieved it with Galaxy. Everything just fit together, and I hope that this trend continues in future titles.

And yes, I did grow on playing 64, so I still have fond memories of that games, but with Galaxy, while I was playing it, I constantly felt, "this thing in front of me is sublime".

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While SM64 was more innovative for its time compared to SMG(Being the first good 3d platformer with analog control), Galaxy still is the better game IMO. I could expand on my reasoning, but Past user's have already made it clear. Though I don't really think it would be fair to have a 16 year old game compete against a current gen game that expands the predecessor's formula.

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WOW a tough one. I choose Galaxy because I loved the level designs. The creativity blew me away. Mario 64 was creative but I just didn't enjoy it as much as Galaxy.


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Super Mario 64, easily.

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