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Final Fantasy: 12
Dragon Quest: 16

Last chance to vote!

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I'm going with Final Fantasy even if some of the newer ones are a bit lame.



Final Fantasy. The only good DQ's were 1-3, and also V, but then it became awful when every other character looked exactly like a form of Goku. (I know it's made by the same artist, but in the earlier titles there were more variety, now it seems to be generic.) Plus FF has a lot of good titles, save for 12 and 13-1, as well as 10-2

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Final Fantasy: 14
Dragon Quest: 16

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Final fantasy. Come on, we need two more votes for FF so that it isn't beaten by such dreck! If I didn't miss the last two, I would have voted for Majora's mask and Mario kart Wii.

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Final Fantasy

Simply on the basis that I enjoyed my favorite FF games (IX, VI, VII) slightly more than I enjoyed my favorite DQ games (VIII, V, Rocket Slime).

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Final Fantasy: 16
Dragon Quest: 16

Its currently a tie! Winner has to win by 2 votes!

@T-Link, well I knew for a fact a lot of the usual voters haven't voted yet.

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i cant belive i havent voted well Final Fantasy was better overall so FF wins



Final Fantasy: 18
Dragon Quest: 16

The verdict is in, Final Fantasy wins by 2 points!

WINNER: Final Fantasy [Series]


NEW: Super Mario 64 vs. Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario 64: 0
Super Mario Galaxy: 1

Both are amazing games, I just loved Galaxy a lot more.

Start voting now!

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Easy: Super Mario Galaxy

Not only does it trump every other 3D Mario platformer out there (especially Super Mario Galaxy 2, even if that game is just as excellent), imo, but it's also my top favorite Nintendo Wii game of all time; Super Mario 64 is still a classic, though

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Super Mario 64. I love Galaxy, but SM64 contains so much more replay value because of the open world nature of the game. Now if this was against Galaxy 2, it would be a lot harder to decide.



Super Mairo 64: 1
Super Mario Galaxy: 2

@RetroBrony91, I agree. I love them both, but Galaxy is one of my favorite games ever. The music, the scope, everything's beyond epic.

@Knux, That reminds me, I haven't put Super Mario Galaxy 2 in anything yet. We might see a mashup between the two galaxy games someday..

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OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHWWWWWWW. That's a tough one since I practically brought both at the same time when I got my Wii, I like Mario 64's openess compared to Mario Galaxy's streamlined approach. Though the camera is less fidgity in Galaxy. Though I imagine it's less fidgity in Mario 64 DS though.

In the end, while I do have many reasons to choose one over the other, I choose Mario 64 for the vast variety of different things you do in it instead of just basically going through a level, getting to a boss, or getting purple coins, among surfing. and power ups.

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The first time I play 64 was amazing and there probly wouldnt be a mario galaxy if it werent for 64. So Super Mario 64 because it just did more for me and galaxy is too easy to 100%

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Galaxy. Mario 64 is awesome but Galaxy is just the better game.

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Mario Galaxy is my favorite game of all time. 64 is a good game, but Galaxy is just a better game in terms of level design and gameplay mechanics.

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