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Dragon Quest. But if you asked me in 1997 I would have gone the other way.

DQ: 8
FF: 7 my pants.


Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest: 9
Final Fantasy: 7

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dragon quest

Dragon Quest: 10

Final Fantasy: 7

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Dragon Quest, for some reason I could never get into Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest 11
Final Fantasy 7

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Dragon Quest!

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What do you think? :3
Dragon Quest all the way.

Dragon Quest: 13
Final Fantasy: 7

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All the Dragon Quest fans came at one time I guess.

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Emaan wrote:

All the Dragon Quest fans came at one time I guess.

Sorry - we we're busy playing some amazing Dragon Quest games. X3
Here now to save the day though >:3

I make Pixel Art on occasion, and sometimes sell them as Game Assets.


dragon quest for me- the series hasn't gone downhill so far, unlike final fantasy, i think after FF8 is when it become less of a RPG game and more of an interactive movie.



Final Fantasy for me, easily. Some may not like the changes to the series, but when you've got Final Fantasy 4, 6, 7, and 9 you can make a pretty sound argument for the series as a whole. Especially with 6.

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I'm gonna say Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy really started to go down hill after 7.

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Final Fantasy: 8
Dragon Quest: 15

For those saying the series went downhill, the early Final Fantasy games alone make it legendary.
I'll be closing the votes soon, after a great series is defeated </3

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I've never played a Dragon Quest game, but the fact that it's rocking Akira Toriyma's DBZ inspired Art style is a big plus in my books. With that out of the Way, Final Fantasy III(VI) for the SNES is such an amazing legendary & magical beast that can't be missed! Yet I never really cared for VII and VIII, but by then RPG's just didn't interest me. Chrono Trigger as of late however sucked me from VideoLand and had me from start to....well, up to 7-8 hours before calling it quits. Turn based combat just can't hold my attention for too long.

Anyways, Final Fantasy for me. I haven't played a Dragon Quest game and i probably never will.

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Why in the hell does Dragon Quest have more votes? Final Fantasy all the way!

Final Fantasy: 11
Dragon Quest: 15

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Dragon Quest. Because it has crazy things like the underpants dance and enemies that attack the player with bad jokes. Final Fantasy comes across as too serious.

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Final Fantasy: 11
Dragon Quest: 16

Looks like I might be leaving the vote open a little while longer.

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Not exactly a fair vote, since I only played two Final Fantasy games (I've really got to motivate myself to try a new entry in the series) and one Dragon Quest game, and it doesn't help much that the one Dragon Quest game I was given for the DS (Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride) was a pirated copy (I had no idea it was pirated until I found out online; I couldn't leave the boat in the beginning of the game even after I talked to everyone on board). I'm certain it must be a good game, really I do; however, because of that bad experience I had, I do not look forward to trying another Dragon Quest game in the future (because I fear the pirate issue might come up again). It wasn't just me who experienced that, though, I remember having read years ago on YouTube that there were several users who commented about having the same exact problem. Proof that software pirates are the lowest of the low.

So, my vote goes towards the Final Fantasy series of games.
Final Fantasy - 12 / Dragon Quest - 16

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