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Yoshi's Island. Apparently, Super Mario World 1 dislikes "noobs" like me.

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I prefer yoshi's island. I've played through both games and I enjoy it more. And the boss fights were much better than the koopaling battles. I still love super Mario world though

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hard one i love yoshi
but i choose super mario world cause its my 2nd favorite mario game i beat it like 100000 times



That's SUCH a tough question. Both games are fantastic. Yoshi gets points for being so original and creative, but SMW is an out and out classic so I guess it wins.

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Super Mario World is fantastic and probably the best 2D Mario to date but i've spent a lot more time with Yoshi's Island and that game is really a part of my childhood and very nostalgic for me. Overall Mario World can't top the fantastic memories me and my sister both have of playing Yoshi's Island.

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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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Yoshi's island was pretty boring, I'd rather play Yoshi's Story...

Super Mario World is nearly the best platformer of all time! (Super Mario Bros. 3 is pretty hard to top though, airships, raccoon suits and eight worlds of magical whimsy!)


Think of it this way: one is the greatest platformer of all-time, and the other is Super Mario World.

I'm going with Yoshi's Island.



Yoshi's Island. But I haven't played Super Mario World. But it is hard to imagine it being better than Yoshi's Island. I don't think I'm missing much. Don't know if my vote counts.

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Great question! Both can rightfully be counted as contenders for greatest platformers of all time, but, one of them I do consider the greatest platformer of all time and that is... Super Mario World... 2: Yoshis Island!

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Super Mario World : 4
Yoshi's Island : 8

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Never really enjoyed Yoshi's Island, dunno why... Super Mario World is my favorite Mario game of all time though so the choice is obvious, Super Mario World

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Super Mario World: 5
Yoshi's Island: 9



I dont think there's going to be much competition here.

Super Mario World: 5
Yoshi's Island: 10

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I guess I'll have to go with Super Mario World, only because I've actually 100% it, unlike Yoshi's Island.

Super Mario World: 6
Yoshi's Island: 10

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Super mario world .

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Super Mario World.

Super Mario World: 8
Yoshi's Island: 10


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It's tied for me. I enjoy both games.



Yoshi's Island.

Super Mario World: 8
Yoshi's Island: 11



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