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I found Windwaker probabaly the least-good 3D Zelda in my opinion, not that it is a bad game, it is just the least epic out of the 5 we have had. My vote goes to Skyward Sword.

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Wind Waker : 11
Skyward Sword : 13

Wind Waker gets my vote.

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I'll tentatively give Wind Waker my vote, although I really do have a difficult time deciding which game out of the last three console Zeldas (FSA excluded) I most prefer.

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I feel as if Wind Waker has more to explore.

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Wind Waker : 12
Skyward Sword : 13

@Electricmastro, is that your vote for Wind Waker?

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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

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Wind Waker has great sounds, I like extracting them. ^_^

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Wind Waker : 14
Skyward Sword : 14

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I'll go with Skyward Sword, the sailing in WW kind of killed it for me.

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I guess Wind Waker, but only by a little bit.

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I actually loved the sailing portions of WW and I think that it has a sense of adventure and scope that's been unequaled by any Zelda game yet!
Wind Waker for sure!

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Skyward Sword. I think WW's graphics will never age and will always look gorgeous, but SS is just way more fun to play.



i choose you skyward sword!

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Wind Waker trumps Skyward Sword in every way. Akuma's appearance as end boss was interesting though.
Even though it was a great game I'll probably never play SS again, WW on the other hand I've already beaten several times and still want to play it.

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Wind Waker. I still want to go back after completing the mail quest - skyward sword was good, but the sky was a HUGE letdown. All it is is a bunch of useless rocks :L

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Wind Waker : 19
Skyward Sword : 17

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I'll close the vote once there's a win by 3.

Wind Waker fans, that's your cue!

....Or Skyward Sword ones if they want a chance.

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