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Rhythm Heaven.

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Rhythm Heaven: 9
Elite Beat Agents: 7

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Winner: Rhythm Heaven


New: Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band [Series]

Guitar Hero: 1
Rock Band: 0

Start voting now!

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✰ not around as much as I used to be ✰

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GH: 1
RB: 1

As I've said 9,628 times on this site, I am a complete sucker for rhythm games.

That being said, Guitar Hero started to go downhill after the third or fourth one.

Rock Band was great up until the end of DLC excluding Green Day.

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The sheer amount of votes here is staggering

Don't all vote at once everyone );

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Neither, I'd rather rock it out with a set of fisher price drums in Wii Music.

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I prefer Guitar Hero. It just feels better. More satisfying. No clue why.

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Guitar Hero: 3
Rock Band: 2

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Rock Band

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Rock Band

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Rock Band. Guitar Hero is nice but feels more superficial to me.
Rock Band 2 and The Beatles are more like gaming's loveletter to music imo. RB 3's tracks too, but the career mode isn't as inspiring as in 2.

Edit: Guitar Hero Metallica comes very close to Rock Band: The Beatles though. And Guitar Hero 6 wasn't half-bad either. Can't say much about RB1 since i only have the subpar Wii version. Didn't play anything Guitar Hero before GH 3 also.

Guitar Hero: 3
Rock Band: 5

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Winner: Rock Band


Sorry about the major delay, I've been busy lately and though I've still posted frequently here on NintendoLife this thread escaped me. Must have been the fact that it was buried among all the watched topics given that we barely got any votes this past round. I guess this round in itself shows where the interest lies and in this case doesn't reside with the NL community.

If anyone has decent ideas from here on out they would be much welcomed, just keep in mind that it should be in the best interest to appeal to the widest margin of users so anyone can participate. It seems niche games and non-Nintendo series get considerably less votes and participation, so I'm just doing my best trying to keep things interesting.

Moving on, there are still a quite a few rounds I had in mind left, so without further ado~

New: Super Smash Bros. vs Mario Kart 64
Which Nintendo 64 classic provided a more fun multiplayer experience for you back in each series' early days?

Super Smash Bros.: 1
Mario Kart 64: 0

Start voting now!

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Super Smash Bros.: 3
Mark Kart 64: 0

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ooo...probably my favorite Mario Kart vs the least impressive Smash Bros (though still a great game!!).....this is still really tough...I love both games, but due to how many more people that could pick up and play Mario Kart with me, vs me only playing the original Smash Bros with a few people that actually got it....I'm going with Mario Kart 64

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That is absolutely the worst Mario Kart so this is no contest!

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