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Yoshi's Island DS.

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Yoshi's island DS. It was fun to use baby bowser. :3

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Yoshi's Island DS, even though as a sequel it's a big disappointment, but as a game on its own it's fairly decent, imo

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Yoshi's Island DS. It gets far too much hate for being such a great game..

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@Yoshi'sIslandDShate It's the sequel effect. The bigger the game, the more likely it is that people will see the worse sequel as horrible. Remember how Majora's Mask got so much hate a while ago?

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Hard to pick, since none of them are Yoshi's island, and I dislike them both equally.
Guess, I'll pick Yoshi's island DS, it was fun and charming, but wasn't as fun as the original, but baby Wario was so adorable.

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Yoshi's Island DS. Neither game was even a hundredth as good as Yoshi's Island 1 was, but I always thought Yoshi's Island DS was the better sequel and game in general.

Had some interesting new game mechanics with the new baby characters, some pretty clever new boss battles (like the free fall one or the one where you had to see the boss in the mirror on the touch screen) and other neat stuff, and at least the difficulty was actually there this time.

Level design in Yoshi's Island DS could have done with more work though, certain levels did feel like they were made by amateurs (to the point it's sometimes hard to distinguish the secret and extra levels in DS from those in many Yoshi's Island ROM hacks).

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Yoshi's Story.

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Yoshi's Story was a complete bore, although i got a kick out of the 3D Story Book diorama's before entering a stage. Whoopie.
Haven't played Yoshi's Island DS, but i'm sure it completely obliterates YS. The SNES version is fantastic, at least when baby Mario isn't crying 16-bits'.lol

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I'd love to show Yoshi's Story some love, but I gotta go with Yoshi's Island DS. Even if it's not as fun as the original SNES game, it still has it's moments. Yoshi's Story felt to simple and bland, but loved those pop up picture books before the start of a level.

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