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Winner: ? ...It's this topic's first ever, TIE!

It seems the community opinion is that both games are equally amazing. With some clearly making it apparent that they love them both the same. Which one is better? Perhaps we'll never know. Perhaps we don't need to know.

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NEW: Special: Wave Race vs. SSX [Series]

Wave Race: 0
SSX: 0

Start voting now!

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Ooh, I like this one. Especially since both series aren't talked about as much as they probably should be.

I've only played 2 games from each series but I'll say SSX. Both Waverace 64 and the GCN one were solid from what I remember but nothing mindblowing really. SSX Tricky and 3 are some of my favorite "sports" games. This was during the big extreme sports gaming boom, which I really miss. I'm not sure if EA Sports BIG is still around. But in the first half of the previous decade we had the SSX games, the Tony Hawk games, NBA/NFL Street and countless EXTREME racing games, it was great.

SSX Tricky gets bonus points just for the use of Run DMC but the whole game is about doing just ridiculous snowboard tricks and it's all so fun. SSX 3 was even better, being about as open as game entirely on a snowboard can be with different events and challenges or whatever. You would just go down different parts of the mountain and find all sorts of stuff and choose where to go, it was a simple but awesome addition, comparable to when Tony Hawk let you really explore levels in 4. Granted unlike Tricky I haven't played 3 for like 8 years but I very much remember it being better and Tricky has held up enough that I still think it's better than any Waverace game.

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Wave Race. Wave Race 64 was cool.

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Wave Race. Regrettably, I have never played an SSX game, but I assume my opinion would be the same.



Wave Race: 2
SSX: 1

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SSX, just because I've had more experience with that series than I had with Wave Race

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i only played one old wave race game on the gameboy. it was pretty cool.
and i only played ssx blur on the wii. it was pretty cool, too.

i say SSX just because of the music

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Wave Race: 2
SSX: 3

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I've never played SSX, but since I dislike snowboarding games and I have fond memories of the Wave Race arcade, I'll go with Wave Race.



Wave Race gets my vote..

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Wave Race: 4
SSX: 4

I expected there to be less votes this time around, but oh well.
It's nice to change things up a little, they don't have to all be popular games or series.

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Easily SSX, if only because there are more of those games out there. The reboot that came out last year is particularly great. I like Wave Race too, but I've just spent way more time with SSX.

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Wave race for me. Don't like snow. Sick of snow. Don't like snow worlds or games based off snow. What little I've played of it its not for me. Give me warm tropics any day. Really like wave race!

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Wave Race: 5
SSX: 5

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Wave Race. Too many hours mastering the controls not to vote that way



Wave Race: 6
SSX: 6

Oh come now. Not another potential tie.

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