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I wouldn't say it looks better. Sticker star looks great if you ask me. I think ill like the game play better and that's what's important. I'm glad though I went with Mario and Luigi!

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Love 'em both, but Superstar Saga is just perfect.

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Mario & Luigi: 12
Paper Mario: 11

@Happy_Mask, is that a vote for Mario & Luigi then?

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Mario and Luigi takes it for me. It boosts evolution without losing its core, and offers, in my opinion, the franchise's most entertaining gameplay and story taking the brothers through encounters across a foreign kingdom, through time, within Bowser and inside Luigi's dreams. Paper Mario has not been that creative and has lost its core in trying to evolve.

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I'm playing Paper Mario (original) right now.
Compared to TTYD it's more creative and fresh. Although the sequel is successful in evolving the gameplay.

Not a huge fan of Mario and Luigi RPG so I'll stick with my current fav series, Paper Mario.

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Paper Mario

the original was one of the first games i ever fully completed.

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I really enjoined both series, ever since I was younger, but Mario and Luigi was the one I liked slightly more then Paper Mario, but when I say slightly, I mean like one piece of hair that is very thin (You mean like paper, LOL, where do I come up with these things)

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Mario & Luigi: 14
Paper Mario: 13

Still really close

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Mario and Luigi! Bowser's Inside Story was what got me into RPGs.


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With the exception of The Thousand Year Door, neither series has blown me away. So I guess I'd have to vote Paper Mario, but the upcoming Mario and Luigi: Dream Team looks pretty cool. my pants.


Well personally I like to rate these games by each game (meaning Superstar Saga vs. Paper Mario, Partners in Time vs. TTYD etc)
But overall I find myself leaning toward Mario and Luigi, which is also my favorite video game series, period. Love the story and continuity and on top of that the gameplays fun too.



Winner: Mario & Luigi [Series]


NEW: Super Mario Sunshine vs. Luigi's Mansion

While both are completely different games, was Luigi's Mansion a worthy launch title for the Gamecube? Would you rather Nintendo have launched with Mario instead? Which game do you treasure more? It's Mario vs. Luigi, quite literally in this mashup!

Super Mario Sunshine: 0
Luigi's Mansion: 1

I have to say, I love both games. A small story of mine, I remember before I first got my Gamecube at a young age, I had really wanted Super Mario Sunshine and for my birthday asked for it along with the system. I instead got Luigi's Mansion, and perhaps, like a lot of other fans asked the question "Where's Mario?"

I wanted Mario, yet I got Luigi. Somehow, Luigi's Mansion, the little game that could, grew on me like few other games have. There's just something very special about it. Maybe it's because it's so different than what Nintendo's done before, maybe it's the incredible amount of charm, maybe it was just the wonder of me being so young at the time. Something about Luigi's Mansion made me fall in love with everything it was. It still is one of my favorite games, ever, even today.

Start voting now!

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Super Mario Sunshine: 1
Luigi's Mansion: 1

Sunshine felt very different, but was really fun.

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Luigi's Mansion: 2
These two are polar opposites in my opinion, in terms of my enjoyment. Luigi's Mansion was one of my first nintendo adventures, and it's the primary reason I still dig out my gamecube often. And listening to Luigi go on about evrey piece of furniture never gets old. Sunshine had a terrible camera, messy jumping and... Well actually, that's the entire game in a nutshell.

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Luigi's Mansion. Sunshine is praise worthy but the FLUDD stuff often just didn't work as well as it should have.

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Luigi's Mansion by far!


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Super Mario Sunshine: 1
Luigi's Mansion: 6

Seeing as I've never played either, me voting would be quite stupid wouldn't it? :3

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