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NEW: Paper Mario: Sticker Star vs. Super Paper Mario

Alright here's the two controversial entries in the Paper Mario series. Which one did you like better? Did the sticker system and difficulty break the experience for you in Sticker Star? Was the parting from the traditional RPG experience in Super Paper Mario too much for you? I guess we'll find out which one is deemed better among the community.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star: 1
Super Paper Mario: 0

Start voting now!

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Sticker Star is more of an RPG than Super Paper Mario. It's different in ways, but it still has the traditional Paper Mario humor and good music while still keeping a turn-based battle system. While Super Paper Mario also has good humor and music, all it has going for it against Sticker Star is original characters in my book.

I vote for Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Sticker Star. Screw SPM's awesome story, Sticker Star did something completely new in the gameplay.

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Yep Sticker Star for me as well. It's really a great game. Still not 3ds game of the year though.

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SPM. Had awesome gameplay and the characters were great. Sticker Star felt more like a rehash in my opinion. The stickers didn't really add or change too much about the game series.

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Happy_Mask wrote:

Sticker Star. Screw SPM's awesome story, Sticker Star did something completely new in the gameplay.

Um, didn't Super Paper Mario do something completely new in the gameplay too? I don't see how "it's different" can be a good reason for liking either more or less, since they're both very different from the original and Thousand Year Door.

Anyway, my vote's for Super Paper Mario. Instead of attatching a gimmic to a battle system and by doing so not making it as effective as its predecesors (my opinion), Super Paper Mario threw it all out the window and did something unique from the ground up. Also, SPM made fun of nerds, which was something that was funnier than anything else in the series (although I loved the hipster jokes in Sticker Star).

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Classic Game Room's review is pretty much spot on what I think about Sticker Star. Sticker Star is what Super Paper Mario wanted to be.

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I personally love both these games despite some of the mixed reactions they got. Sticker Star is fantastic and I actually enjoy the sticker mechanic a lot, not to mention the absolutely delightful soundtrack. Super Paper Mario really did things differently though, and no other Mario game is quite like it.

I think i'll go with Super Paper Mario because it is so unique, has great writing and characters, and you can play the game as Bowser. Sold.

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SPM, It's terribly underrated, has best story and music so SPM

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I vote Sticker Star.
It's one of the best games I've played.

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i didnt really care for either one but i guess ima go for stickstars
but TTYD and the first paper mario will always be the best paper mario games

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Gonna go with SPM. That game got so much emotion out of me when I first played it.

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Sticker Star~

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