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Twilight Princess. Really while the game is blatantly TRYING to be OOT2, I've never felt it was that uncreative. A step down from Wind Waker at worst. And I felt it was the most consistently solid, only 3D game where nothing in the game is bad and there's tons to it I think is great like 3D Zeldas are. Skyward Sword gets points for having overall better gameplay and creativity but the parts that annoyed me, really annoyed me. Get rid of Fi and have more interesting NPCs on the surface it could have been my favorite Zelda. Maybe.

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I'm voting Twilight Princess because of the reason many dislike it--it was basically Ocarina of Time on steroids. I enjoyed the entire journey and loved the challenge that was the Cave of Ordeals. I thought the final fight was fairly weak and easy, but that didn't take away from the entire experience for me.

I think that makes it 8-4 in favor of Skyward Sword.

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I prfefer the skyward sword. The twilight was great, but SS had me more immersed.


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Twilight Princess.

While Skyward Sword had more epic ways exploration, vibrant colors, and overall something more new, Twilight Princess, to me, had better dungeons, more towns/places to encounter, and I like it's dark tone too, not to mention, your partner is more likable instead of just acting "robotic" the whole time and only holds your hand when necessary.

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Skyward Sword. Twilight Princess was fun, but I never got into the story as much as Skyward sword. In SS I felt so immersed in what is going on, while in TP i didn't feel any connection to the characters whatsoever.

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Skyward Sword - I prefer the lighthearted, colorful nature of the game in comparison the the dank, depressing world of Twilight Princess. They both have masterful dungeon designs but Skyward Sword has the better combat system and music in my opinion.

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omg i really love both and got attached to the story line of both of them im pick twilight princess cause i think i enjoyed it more

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I'll go with Skyward Sword. It had its flaws but at least it tried to break new grounds gameplay-wise. I could find almost nothing in Twilight Princess that wasn't in any other Zelda game. It all felt a bit more streamlined, perhaps, but it was not original at all. It just did the existing mechanics better. Skyward Sword really (re)invented classic Zelda gameplay.

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moomoo wrote:

My vote goes to Twilight Princess. It was an acculmination of everything in a Zelda game I loved. A simple combat system that got deeper as you went, a massive world, a dark story with a focus away from Zelda, some of the best puzzle design, amazing music, and fishing so engrossing it should have been it's own game.

Took the words right outta my mouth. Twilight Princess all the way!

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Twilight Princess. Skyward Sword is a great game, the story was great, and the characters convey a lot of emotion, but there was simply too much backtracking. To top that of, instead of simple warping, to get to another area, you had to return to the sky, fly back into the same hole, and then land in the new place, and that was time consumming. Twilight Princess took you to many different places, and you could get to them easily. Also, Twilight had that darker, more realistic style, and I may dissagree with some people when I say it still looks visually impressive today. Also, after replaying Twilight Princess, I rediscovered just how much I liked button controls. They are both great games, but to me there's no doubt which is better.


Skyward sword for me please

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Skyward Sword. Re-inventing rather than summarising the series. Motion plus sword play was fantastic. The whole game is incredibly fresh and varied; it summed up what motion controls are capable of when implemented properly. The beetle is probably the best item ever added in a Zelda game. Sprinkling dungeon elements throughout the overworld, adding verticalness and making Link more agile were great design choices. It also added many new races (such as the adorable Kikwi!). It's a no-brainer for me.

Twilight Princess was too easy and doesn't hold up well graphically. The new items that were added, of which there were few, were barely used. The final dungeon was boring as hell. As others have mentioned, unlike Wind Waker it hasn't aged well. (Of course, Midna kicks Fi's butt, but that's another matter)

EDIT: as of this post, I think it's:

Twilight Princess: 9
Skyward Sword: 13

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I loved both games. But Skyward Sword was no doubt better to me. Twilight Princess tried too hard to be dark and there was just no color in some parts.

And people might have their preference over controls but what I think made SS was better puzzles, dungeons, and items. In TP, so many items were useless after you left their dungeons.

Both games are great though. Can't wait to try HD Zelda on Wii U.

3Dash wrote:

Skyward Sword. I haven't played Twilight Princess, but Skyward Sword is AWESOME.

Then why vote?

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IAmNotWill wrote:

Twilight Princess tried too hard to be dark

Well this IS pretty accurate.

No, but surely that mindscrew sequence after saving the last light spirit meant something-oh
But Midna turning into a bizarre monster towards the end was interesting gameplay-oh
And then Zant snapping his own neck-oh why do I bother

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I vote Skyward Sword. It was much more fun to play--even in spite of Fi. Skyward was also very colorful and didn't have any ridiculous QTEs. (Jousting on bridges )

Also are we talking about the Wii version of Twilight Princess? Because I hated that game's motion controls. my pants.


Skyward Sword. Twilight Princess' art style was a little bit too dark for me. I liked Skyward Sword's better. Also, I just liked the dungeons and world better in SS.

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moomoo wrote:

@LZBirdboi I fail to see how calling it Ocarina of Time 2.0 is a bad thing. Ocarina of Time is usually deemed to be among the greatest games ever made. Calling it OoT 2.0 insinuates that it's twice as good. How is that a bad thing?

how dare you argue with ur teacher mr.LZ for tht you get detention :3



SkywardSword for me has a much more appealing colorful pastal-ish & cell shaded surreal art style that almost looks like A link to the Past 'gone 3D' Combined with it's amazing Wii motion plus controls shall eclipse the Green/brown colorless Sword-waggle infested 'barren' & darker Twilight princess. I own both, but i'm not touching either until i start Ocarina of time 3D. TP will feel like such a massive downgrade after experiencing TP that's for sure.

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twilight princess for me- for many gamers, mostly zelda fans it is the 'Other M' -type game - you either love it or hate it. i thought it was cool that as link you can turn into a wolf and explore different areas, as well as be given extra powers to fight enemies. i liked the darker tone as well. skyward sword was interesting, but twilight princess felt much more exciting and intriguing.



Don't EVER compare Twilight Princess to Other M!

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