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WaveBoy wrote:

The only MK i ever liked in the series was the SNES original which was just magical during the day.

ill have to agree with this

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


I only owned a used cart of SMK I got from Gamestop many years ago, when I still had my SNes. Of course, those here familiar w/ me probably already know I've said on multiple articles/occasions that I was incredibly stupid, & years ago, when the GCN came out, sold(gave is a better word) my SNes, & it's games to Gamestop. The same for N64 btw.

Anyway, I never owned a brand-new-from-the-store copy, so for me nostalgia wasn't really there playing it. Not to mention my preference for, & superior control ability using analog stick (compared) to d-pad for kart steering. So, for me, while I eventually d/led SMK when it finally came to the Wii VC, & as I said, I owned a used copy before, I can appreciate the charm of it, & also how cool( it still is), & technologically advanced it was, for it's time. Since I was young enough to not remember a whole lot of the SNes's release/launch, I do know that Mode7 was something Nintendo was parading about for the SNes(PilotWings, F-Zero, Super Mario Kart). However, for those who don't know, don't misinterpret me: SMK was not a SNes launch title, as I recall; it came out in '92.

My first MK was 64, & although it now looks like most/any other N64 game does now( graphic-wise), SMK's near eyestrain/eye confusion(for me) Mode7 textures look/are similar. & of course, now Double Dash looks graphically-dated too. But, that's to be expected when playing games from older gens(console generations). Still, it does not take away the fun. To date, my fav MKs are Super, & 64.

Sidenote: I do remember being somewhat aware of the game's existence back when it was released, & even the fact that my sister wanted it, & eventually I did too, just not bad enough to ask for it for my birthday, or anything. I can even remember watching the commercial for it, among commercials for other SNes games.

moomoo wrote:

Cool. I'd hate it if Nintendo celebrated this anniversery though. Why? Metroid got nothing. If a spin-off game got more then a Nintendo mainstray, I'd be very sad.

It would be slightly odd, for Nintendo to have such a compilation disc for s spin-off series, though MK is one of Nintendo's "ever-green" franchises, & very well-known, despite being a spin-off. So, in a way, I could see Nintendo doing such a thing, if they deemed it profitable. Of course, would Nintendo want a compilation of the older MKs bad enough that they would risk it stealing the thunder of currently/(commercially) available versions of the series(Wii/7)?

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I can't see them bringing out a compilation disc to mark the 20 years (or I'd be very suprised if they did)

The reason I dont think they will is that each time they bring out a New Mario Kart Game, part of the charm of the game is the retro section where they have a selection of older track from various other games for you to play.

Now if all these other tracks are already available to play on a compilation disc it would kind of remove some of the Magic from any future Mario Kart releases.



FluttershyGuy wrote:

As for the Mario Kart GP arcade games, man that's something I'd like to see (I didn't even know they EXISTED until discovering them by accident once). Regrettably, I'm not sure if we will. For some mind-blowing reason, Nintendo doesn't even want to release their own arcade games.

Namco was involved in the creation of the arcade game (as evidenced by the inclusion of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Blinky, and apparently a Tamagotchi, on the roster).
Possibly also running on hardware that was developed by both companies and Sega.




Nintendo and Namco are working together on the new Super Smash Bros. If there are any sort of legal issues, now would be the perfect time for them to reach some sort of compromise. As for the arcade hardware question, I doubt that's much of an issue. With the exception of the disc drive, the system was built with GameCube hardware. The arcade board had the same CPU, GPU, audio processor, etc. as the GameCube. Plus, Nintendo and Sega are on good terms. If there were some sort of legal issues, and that's a big IF, I'm sure they could reach an agreement that would allow both of them to make a good deal of money.

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I've been listening to all the soundtracks, so many memories!

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Ahhh, Double Dash. What great memories I have of you.

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I played Double Dash with my dad today, and I didn't even know that today was Mario Kart's 20th anniversary. My dad creamed me, by the way.

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