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Topic: Super Mario Bros. 3....was all a play?

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People talk about SMB2 being a play, yet no one even says anything about Mario Party 2 or Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.




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WTF? Wow cant believe I never noticed.

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How could anyone NOT notice? There's curtains going up every time you boot up the game, and then they go down at the end. You have to be blind (or didn't even play the game) not to notice it.

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If I might speak for those of us who are fascinated by this topic: yes, of course we saw the curtain and the stage intro / ending, but I, for one, never really noticed the little details that play off of that theme in other places, such as the floating block being bolted on with a shadow against the backdrop, or the hanging platforms that are moved from right to left in the self-moving levels. In fact, this gives an entirely different meaning to some of those self-moving levels, as I never connected it with the old stage technique of sliding the background / objects from one side of the stage to the other whilst the actor stays in the middle to give an illusion of progression, but now I see a fairly strong argument for an intentional reference to that technique.

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