Topic: Super Mario Bros. 3....was all a play?

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People talk about SMB2 being a play, yet no one even says anything about Mario Party 2 or Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.



WTF? Wow cant believe I never noticed.

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If I might speak for those of us who are fascinated by this topic: yes, of course we saw the curtain and the stage intro / ending, but I, for one, never really noticed the little details that play off of that theme in other places, such as the floating block being bolted on with a shadow against the backdrop, or the hanging platforms that are moved from right to left in the self-moving levels. In fact, this gives an entirely different meaning to some of those self-moving levels, as I never connected it with the old stage technique of sliding the background / objects from one side of the stage to the other whilst the actor stays in the middle to give an illusion of progression, but now I see a fairly strong argument for an intentional reference to that technique.

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