Topic: Super Mario Bros. 3 - Easy or Hard?

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Sean+Aaron wrote:

Hard to the point where I think it's broken to be honest. I got to the end of the 2nd world (desert). It's not just the one-hit deaths, but how far back the game puts you between continues. Having to replay the last three stages to get to the boss again and doing that over and over and over got really really old.

Screw this game!

Thanks for the laugh Mate!

World 8 got pretty hard once you got past all the vehicle levels....... The Lost Levels is by far the hardest Mario games in Creation!

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Yeah I was going to say World 8 the levels with the tanks- CRAZY! to be honest I prefer Mario All Stars versions of all the Mario games, you've got two run buttons (Y & X) and the jump buttons (A & B) you can hold the buttons down, a lot easier than the NES pad or Wii Mote!

I do hope that Super Mario All-Stars is released on VC, Nintendo would sell Millions!!!!!!!!!



I don't know if Nintendo would release All-Stars now that every game is separate, though i do prefer the lost levels in All-Stars a lot more.

On Topic: It's kinda hard to get everything in the game. The game itself is about medium-hard for first time players

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In answer to the first question, I was complacent in thinking I could breeze through this game, but ended up skipping some of those later levels - particularly on World 6 and World 8.

I feel I get through this game so easily, because I remember playing it as a child, and even with the new controllers, every jump and duck is what I used to do when I played it as a child.

Generally, I find it quite easy because of this.

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