Topic: Super Mario Bros. 3 - Easy or Hard?

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personally, I think it's easy, but then I've played it a bazillion times. Though there are still places in the game that can give me problems if i'm not adequately prepared (damn you world 7 and your black-piranha-plant-alternating-pipes), those kinds of levels that still provide challenge are why I go back and play through SMB3 every so often. :3

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I'm a n00b, so it's hard imo.



SMB3 is just right for me, challenging at points but never beyond my capabilities with a little practice. The lost levels on the other hand, well I made it to world 2 the other day and i'm stuck already, I dread to think what the later worlds will be like if I am struggling already.


If you played 2D Platform/ side scroller games as much i do it becomes second nature of how you play it, So far every Mario Game for me has been easy even the lost levels for me is easy aldo it's annoying how some levels are made as for Super Mario Bros 3 it's perfect, it's not to much like lost levels, it's not super easy as New Super Mario Bros, it's just perfect.


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It depends on who the gamer is. For me it can be easy at times, and hard at others.

The Game.

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Its been a millenium since I played it but I remember it had some pretty hard parts.

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For me, the fact that the game is easy is the only noticible flaw. If the game had been harder I would have found it more enjoyable, but that still doesn't take away from the fact that the majority of people, including me, rank it among the greatest games ever made.



How can it be easy? I almost broke my controller in frustration at some parts?



Friggin' hard! One of the hardest games I've ever played.

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After you beat world 8 then the whole game is easy, but world 8: NO, Don't Remind Me!!!



NSMB DS is the easiest Mario game. SMB3 only falls behind SMW if you include Special World, which is entirely optional and not particularly harder than SMB3's World 8.

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I'd say its the second hardest game in the series, behind World. A lot of the levels weren't that tough, but the ice world, island world (curse that Big Bertha!), pipe maze, and Bowser's world were killers. It's still highly beatable though.

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It's pretty hard for me. I've only gotten to World 2 without using any Warp Whistles. Maybe I could get a little farther if I tried for a couple hours straight. In Super Mario World, I've only made it to Lemmy's Castle in World 3.

I have a feeling that I'm going to be using the help mode in NSMBW a lot just to get through the game in single-player.

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