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Hey whats up everyone!

I just started playing the old school games and started with Super Mario 64. Ive been streaming live on Xbox 360 for a little while for other people! But now I have started streaming my Mario gameplay. I dont speedrun and I have played since I was like 8! But if anyone wants to stop over and watch and chat or give me hints or tips please feel free!

I have to play with it Windowed on my computer so I can see other things on my computer! If you know other ways to stream on twitch and use screen capture let me know! Thanks!



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No offence, but why would I want to watch you play super mario 64. I have beats the game multiple times. . Again, no offence.

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Now why would you want to play Mario 64 when you could play CoD? Apparently, that's the manliest thing since perfume.

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