Topic: Super Mario 64 overrated?

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Mario 64 is not overrate, how could it be?

It has camera issues, but so what, suck it up, this game did a lot for 3-d cameras.

Great game. Really amazing the varieyty of moves mario has with 3 buttons and an analog. You would have thought it would have been the 2nd or 3rd game in a series to be as good as it was. Great level architechture, some really easy early missions, but nice difficulty curve. Great secrets, still a pretty game to look at, especially on the VC with double resolution.

All time classic.

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Ugh, I wish someone could show me these so-called camera issues...

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The levels in Mario 64 have too much in them for only one star. It took advantage of 3-d levels and made them changeable and dynamic. That's partly why it's so innovative. This is a great game, at some point (when ive completed a bunch of other games in my backlog), I want to play it again. If you don't like playing all the courses over and over, you don't have to get most of the stars to actually beat the game.

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Well, after playing some more, I guess the frustrating camera, open world with little instructions as to how to complete your objectives, and the somewhat figitty controls do make Super Mario 64 more frustrating than necessary. It's still fun, but it's certainly not my favorite 3D platformer, or even my favorite Mario game for that matter. I guess I would say it's a bit overrated, but not that much. It's still great for an early 3D Platformer. The only major problem with it is that it's still an early 3D platformer...

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Corbie wrote:

Super Mario 64 set a very high standard for 3-D platformers at a time when we were just beginning to see this new genre take off. I think it will always remain one of the most influential 3-D titles and was a fantastic game. So while I still prefer Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3, I would never take anything away from what Super Mario 64 did for the new era of 3-D gaming.

Pretty much spot on.

For me, its still a much better 3D platformer than any such game released since that time (except for Galaxy)


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I read something interesting, over on Mean Machines Archive, that is linked to this in a way. MMA interviewed C&VG, Maximum and Mean Machines magazine legend Richard Leadbetter (find it under the 'Staff Profiles' tab) and he said,
"It’s surprising how good the last issue [Maximum] is, considering that we just didn’t care any more, hence the ker-azy 6/5 score for Mario 64, which I regret to this day, it’s a 4/5 game and not as good as Super Mario World".

He is obviously not saying that 'Super Mario 64' is overrated, but it is valid to recognise the perspective of the 1996 era enthusiasm, especially surrounding Nintendo's gameplay achievements in a relatively new 3D viewpoint and play area. In 1996, the Nintendo 64 had just been released and it was an early stand out title for the console, which added to the excitement exploding around it.

On a side note, and other users have alluded to this throughout the topic, but...

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To the people saying that you have to play again and again the same levels to finalize the 120 starts...
What did you expect? 120 different 3D levels on a Nintendo 64?

I will say no more.



I always felt like action took the backseat with Super Mario 64. However, I think Super Mario Galaxy did an amazing job of bringing the old school action back to the 3D Mario environment.

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I don't think Super Mario 64 is overrated, just decently good.
But everyone's entitled to their own opinion, so no harm done.

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If you played this game in 1996 you would never even suggest that it's overrated.

I still play the game from time to time. Sometimes I'll just fire it up and beat it in about 35 minutes or so.




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