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A Super Mario 3D Collection for Wii U would be awesome, but I'm sure that's not going to happen. At least, not for a few years maybe. Nintendo hardly ever does compilations, they like to re-release the same exact games individually on different systems to squeeze out every last penny they can get. Still, I'd like to see them launch the Wii U with a Mario game more substantial than New Super Mario Bros. U, and I think a compilation of some sort might do the trick. NSMBU doesn't look like it comes close to tapping the full potential of the systems graphics capabilities, and even though I never tire of saying gameplay trumps graphics, there seem to be a lot of Nintendo fans who are just dying to see a great looking Mario game. I've been reading a lot of the comments here and I am amazed at the amount of criticism I'm seeing directed at NSMBU's graphics as well as the Wii U itself. I can't remember seeing so much negativity toward Nintendo, especially from a site dedicated to the company.

Of course I won't be getting a Wii U at launch, I'm still trying to save up for a Wii so I can finally play the 30 or so A+ titles it has that are now selling for $10-$20 each. Shoot, I'm still hoping to play Super Mario Sunshine, along with a ton of other GameCube games. Graduated from college a few years back, only to find myself competing for positions against laid off 30-40 somethings with years of work experience in one of the worst job markets in modern history.

Oh yeah, Eyerok was a great boss. My favorite one in Super Mario 64. He actually put up a decent fight, unlike the others who just sort of marched around waiting to be thrown, kicked, stomped, etc. Even with the fairly lame combat, I would still put it near the top of my list of greatest games ever made.

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I actually got done playing this game not too long ago.

I love Super Mario 64 and, today, I just turned it on so I could listen to that wonderful music from Jolly Roger Bay and swim around for a while. It's so relaxing.

Overall, though, I still choose Super Mario 64 as my favorite of the 3D Mario games. Galaxy comes in at second place, though, but man.

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