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Anyone here had much experience at running an online retro gaming radio station?

I've got a basic one based on the Super Famicom / Snes up and running (icecast with auto dj at the moment)
I decided to give it a go as I like to listen to SFC tunes in the car, but apart from adding them all to my ipod, there was no radio station that fitted the bill (I do listen to radio sega from time to time)

I Have about a gig of tunes on there so far and thats about 12 hours worth of listening (I've got 20gig hosting space so there's loads to play with)

I'm not an html coder or anything so it's all joomla and plugins so far (my icecast host is making me free iphone and android apps though)

I'm really looking for any tips, advice etc as to whats the best way to go with these types of sites. Also what kind of players etc people use when listening to stations.
There is no ads or anything on the stream and I wont ever be adding them, so just non-stop tunes.

The website is


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I'm sure you have all legal permissions and rights to be broadcasting licensed music over the internet, right? We'd hate to see you potentially shut down over technicalities. Anyway, please feel free to do any advertising via your user signature and/or profile information. Thanks!

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