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JumpMad wrote:

SuperToad wrote:

The original is okay for kicks.

I also like the First Smash too.
I play it sometimes on my Lapto...err....I mean Wii, just for kicks.

I honestly lol'd at that

I still can't believe I beat event 51 in about a minute and a half with Ness. What can I say, the turtle has skills.
@TLG dangit, you beat me too it! You gotta love the wombo combo.

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never played melee but in brawl i love beying link

have a wii,dsi, gba and gcn but getting a 3ds and ps3. my fave game of alltime for all systems is black ops on wii


Awesome memories...I loved playing Mario in it....then Brawl came along and...WTF!?! Mario is gimped!

I still like playing it but I guess Brawl feels like a more fairer playing field (despite having tough challenges to complete as well).

Edit: OMG NO WAY! The original's opening has Kirby and Mario standing off...just like they do in Subspace Emissary!

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I definitely love the Wombo Combo video. Wouldn't have expected any other outcome with SilentSpectre on their team. :3

And here's a great battle with Mew2King and DaShizWiz. It's an epic battle even for being a losers match.

BTW, I just reached Falco as my 2nd most played character behind Roy. My edge-teching is improving as well, but I still suck against Marth. Hooray!

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