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I've decided to sell my Super Nintendo Collection. But one item I'm unsure of the value is this game. It's PAL version SCN and it's complete with manual, box and cartridge.
Anyone here more experience maybe who knows what the value would be, around?

Thanks for the help



Well many RPG games from the west have an high range value. PAL games
have more value to there own nation as people from US/CAN region view PAL games as being censored 99% of the time or vice versa.

All games from the US ( as far as my knowledge ) will play faster on an Japanese SFC. Because the SNES has been slowed down on purpose.

However if the game is sold in small numbers and is rare for release or was destroyed at gift giving time at Christmas or Birthdays, usually the games will sell higher.

Personally all RPG games from the east or west on an SNES or EU-SFC have significant greater value. However the PAL games are thwart because of limitations of PAL itself.

That is my understanding.

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PAL versions would have more value to collectors.

byuu, the guy who had previously bought an entire North American collection (with all boxes and most manuals), then sold it to buy an entire Japanese collection (I think that was 100% with box and manual). But he said he wouldn't even try for a PAL collection because despite being the smallest set (he doesn't count revision variations, so I'm assuming he wouldn't count language/country variations) it would be the most expensive to complete.



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Thanks mate.

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