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The demonstration at the title screen for Superman 64 has the player actually hit something, fly around, and then get stuck next to a bridge due to a gltich.

Why weren't the creators informed about this?

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Wasn't this already revealed to the internet? Like, half-a-decade ago?

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Yeah old news.Superman 64 is well known for being one of the worst games ever made.The title screen's just the start !

What's this bit for again?


i'm sure they have come to the realization by now that their game was somewhat flawed.

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"Somewhat flawed" LOL ,Good one

What's this bit for again?


lolslowthreadday? xD


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There Notting Worng about the World's Best Game ever Made!

Game so Great, that Gltichies got Gltichies!

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Wow yet another reason to avoid this game. It truly deserves the honor of worst game ever.

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It's the greatest game ever made, even better than Custer's Revenge. Superman 64 needs to be remade for the 3DS [fly through rings in 3D]!



Every thread about this abomination is a waste of life.


There are a few things even more odd about Superman 64 than just the demo mode.

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