Topic: So my wife made me this epic retro gaming blanket for our 16th Anniversary! :D

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Hi guys,
Just had to share this with you all, my wife crocheted me a gaming blanket with some of my favourite all time Nintendo characters (and a few others like Alucard from Symphony of the Night), has got to be the coolest gift I have ever received

Heres a link to the pic on my twitter if you fancy a look!



@OorWullie Thankyou matey

It was great timing for the switch launch too just a week before our wedding anniversary, we got it as a gift to share, and have both been playing pretty solidly on Zelda Botw, think my wife loves it as much as me! haha



Get Ouut ! That looks sooo good. Wow 😯 And congrats 🙂


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That's such a sweet and thoughtful gift. The best gifts are those that a person pours their heart and efforts into, and you are very lucky to have somebody who devotes themselves to enriching your life with such sweet gestures. There's a Turkish expression that springs to mind that I'd like to share with you that is often said to newlyweds, but I think is just as appropriate now considering that your anniversary is just around the corner: "Allah bir yastıkta kocatsın" (meaning "May God will for you to grow old on one pillow"). May you have many more blessed, tranquil and happy years ahead of you.


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That is really amazing! Congrats on your anniversary!



Thanks everyone 😊



That's awesome... would probably take me 16 years just to make that.

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yeah thats awesome.
yall guys could sell those too

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Wow, that is really cool. What a great gift.



Really cool. Does your wife take crocheting requests? Happy anniversary to you both! That's definitely something to celebrate in this day and age.

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Wow - amazing. Congrats on the anniversary!

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