Topic: So Captain Falcon is a bounty hunter?

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I thought that F-Zero was just a racing game, but Melee calls C. Falcon a "bounty hunter". Also, how'd he get his Falcon Punch move?

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I think Captain Falcon's moves were all originated from Smash Bros. Except for his Final Smash.

Falcon PAWNCH is just something that caught on I guess. I think Goroh is one, too.

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There is an anime of F-zero on youtube. Watch and learn. Don't think theres much subs of it though.


StarFox wrote:

I thought that F-Zero was just a racing game

It is, but the characters all have slight backstories,

Falcon's moves were all created for SSB, yes.



There was an anime in Japan called F-Zero. That is where he gets his background and Falcon PAWNCH!

The Game.

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