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Does anyone else have a black window throughout this collection? It's present throughout for me starting with the initial splash screens and there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of it. Below is a screenshot as an example.


I'm playing the PS4 retail version, have deleted and reinstalled, and the collection is up to date (Not that SNK/NIS/Digital Eclipse ever bothered to release a patch). The games are also set to full-screen, which in my case means they only fill the vertical screen space up to the borders

And please note that I'm just talking about the black border around the edges of my screen. I understand the need for pillarboxing with 4:3 and 3:4 arcade classics to preserve their original appearances on modern displays and I'm not inquiring about a stretch option to fill the screen (although there is a stretch option for those out there that like that choice).

None of my other compilations from the modern Digital Eclipse do this (Mega Man Legacy Collection 1, Disney Afternoon Collection, and the Aladdin/Lion King pack). All reach the bottom and top edge of my screen with no bizarre black windowboxing.

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@Atariboy Honestly this should have been posted in the other gaming section since you're asking about PS4. PS4 isn't quite retro yet

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