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I will buy a retroconsole: Snes or N64. But... I don´t know....

N64.... Zelda, smash bros, mario 64..
SNES.... Terranigma, chrono tigger, Mario bros...

What should I buy?

(Sorry, My english is very bad xD)



N64, it rocks! I would get both eventually.

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N64 definetely!
Smash Bros, Zelda, Mario, Goldeneye, Pokemon Stadium...

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SNES easily.

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I think it should be SNES for now. N64 is good too, but SNES has more variety in it's games.



I reccomend ypu the SNES... Oh, if you want to play Chrono trigger in your SNES, you will have to buy an universal adapter.

metakirbyknight wrote:

I don't recognize you, have you posted before?

He posted eventually in some news... Also, i know him from another forums.




SNES! Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island, Zelda ALTTP, Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart, Starfox... need I say more?

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you can still find a 64 very easily



SNES. It has a much wider selection of quality games than the N64.

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N64. I'm a 3-D boy.




The SNES is the better system by far, but I say go with the N64. Most of the good SNES games are on VC or will be. Those that aren't are rare and expensive. The N64 is barely represented on the Wii's Virtual Console, so it would be more efficient to get the N64, assuming you already have a Wii.

N64 has a lot of cheap, decent games available on Ebay and at used game stores, and even the crappiest games on the system often had great multi-player modes since Nintendo made a big deal about the four controller ports (not a common feature up until then).

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I'd say SNES. It's got many of the best games. On the other hand there are not many VC games from the N64 so maybe its better value.

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SNES. Greetings from Spain!



SNES. Hands down.


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You should probably get the N64 because you've never really experienced this console until you've played with the N64 controller. The classic controller for Wii is almost just like the SNES controller so it is almost the same experience playing SNES games on the VC.

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SNES. The N64 is like Nintendo's awkward, teenage years. The graphics aren't very good due to 3D being young, and many games suffered in quality from the 2-to-3D transition. There are a few exceptions, like Zelda, KI:Gold, Goldeneye, Mario64, etc. There just aren't enough for me to say it's anywhere near the SNES' quality in terms of game library or overall worth. (Super Metroid, FFIV & VI, Chrono Trigger, Mario Kart, Castlevania IV, NBA Jam, Earthworm Jim 1 & 2, Link to the Past, SMW2: Yoshi's Island, etc)

Also, the N64 doesn't have any RPGs worth playing. No, Quest64 does not count.

/edit - Just go with VC, as older hardware can be flaky. (recently found my SNES, and only the 1st-party controller still works) Plus, Wii's VC save state is an added bonus.

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As you can download most of the really good SNES and N64 games I'd say it makes far more sense just to go VC, then you don't even have to choose between the two. You can even get a controller adaptor that caters for both SNES and N64. getting the original consoles doesn't make much sense to me unless you're a collector, and I'm guessing you're not as you don't know which console to get. Go VC.



Nintendo 64! but Snes it's not bad, N64 it's in my young generation ! N64 have Mario Party, Smash bros, Zelda OTT, Kirby, etc..



That brings the question, which one is better, the Retro Duo or the FC Twin?



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