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Basically, have you done any sidequests of minigames without realizing they were optional?

I just did the cat minigame at the Hidden Village in Twilight Princess without realizing it was optional. It's worth it, though. You can take your time (you'll need to), and your reward is a heart piece.

I also got a bomb bag by completing a minigame near Lake Hylia.

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...none? Usually it's pretty obvious when a quest is optional. I think maybe one in Chrono Trigger, but I think the entire last two thirds of the game was optional in that game.

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Final Fantasy XII is basically entirely made up of sidequests. I guess it might count since you sometimes fell into them without realising, lol.

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Ugh, there were so many in Okami. I'm glad I did them all, but I probably could have finished the game in half the time. I didn't even know they were sidequests until my second time through, when I forgot about some of them and realized "wow, this could have saved me a LOT of frustration. (The bear in Agata Forest).


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I spent far more time on that defend-the-mountain bit in Final Fantasy VII than I strictly needed to in order to progress the story, so I'd guess that counts.

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What do I care if sidequests are optional? I want to experience the entirety of my games.

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HolyMackerel wrote:

Final Fantasy XII is basically entirely made up of sidequests. I guess it might count since you sometimes fell into them without realising, lol.

This. Holy crap, that game took me 90 hours to beat because of it.

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