Topic: Should the Super Mario Bros. Super Show come back?

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lol i loved the live action bits, they were so weird and goofy ;p

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I think it should be brought back, as an anime with some CGI, and be made much in the same fashion as the Kirby series. As such, the characters should reflect their current appearances, Mr Myamoto should supervise it or otherwise work closely with it, and it should be produced by the same studio that did Kirby's series(although the US localization should be done by TAJ productions(who currently does Pokemon's localization), I can never look at 4Kids the same way after I learned how they messed with shows!). It should primarily use Super Mario 64, Galaxy, and the Paper Mario series as its basis(as well as characters from other Mario games where appropriate). Most importantly, the Mario Bros should be voiced by Charles Martinet, although it wouldn't hurt to have Captain Lou portray a guest character or two!



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