Topic: Should the Super Mario Bros. Super Show come back?

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Maybe if they did it in CGI and use ACTUAL mario characters, it could be pretty cool. Except Charles Martinet would be overworked

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NO!!!! Please God NO! Even with better things, the show would still suck!



No way.

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Ricardo has a habit of saying exactly what I would say, long before I get around to saying it.

Good job, friend.




Why would you want us to have that televised torture aired again?

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I used to like it. It was so bad it was great!



No, bringing back cartoons can often be a bad thing, just look at the new Warner Bros cartoons of Bugs etc, terrible compared to the classics.



I kinda liked it, actually.

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They've been considering making a Super Paper Mario movie.

The problem with the Super Show is that it was based on SMB and SMB2, both of which were released before the 90s. Today's kids wouldn't understand.

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If for nothing else, bring it back for the exquisitely complex Mario Dance of the ends credits, which may confound a whole new generation of choreographers with its subtlety.

Swing your arms /
From side to side /
Come on, it's time to go, do the Mario!

Take one step /
And then again /
Let's do the Mario, all together now!

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since when was a super paper mario movie been considered?

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I remember growing up in Italy, and I had only watched about three or four episodes of it. I thought it was very good. I do remember this one episode where Toad wanted to play the hero. Don't know about right now; I haven't watched it in ages! Plus, I wasn't so demanding or critical when I was little.

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I loved that show, it's great! practically every cartoon from the 80's was golden and this was one of them, along with Zelda and Captain N. I definitly need to pick these up on DVD. And hell ya, i'd love to see a new Mario Bros cartoon...just not in CGI.



i'm with WaveBoy -- if they brought it back, i'd like to see it in regular 2D animation, plz. also, the little live-action bits can be cut out entirely... lol, those were just weird, even when i was little. :3

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