Topic: Should I'll get Super Mario Sunshine?

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I have Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy but I don't have Sunshine yet. Should I'll get it? Can you tell me the good and bad things in it?

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I enjoyed it - never beat it all cause it was of a friend but I wanna replay it cause it was a good game. For me the criticism around this game is exaggerated. It is not the best mario game but a great game for me

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It is a good game, but I don't like FLUDD - He takes away the aspect of timing jumps sometimes. Still, I suggest you get it.

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It's good, but like Starkiller said FLUDD takes away lots of platforming, to insert lots of assisted tower climbing.

Still it's a worthwhile game, it just isn't on the same level as any of the preceding Mario platformers. (Except Lost Levels)


It's fun. I sold it at first because I didn't like it, but bo't it again to give it another chance. I love it now. It's quite different from traditional Mario games, but fun nonetheless.

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It's a fun game to play, and a great addition to your GameCube library.

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Not the best, but still worth your time and cash. I surprisingly liked the whole tower climbing aspect to be honest. It's not Mario, but it's still pretty fun.

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I wouldnt get it. Galaxy and 64 are far superior. SO No you'll shouldn't get it.



Super Mario Sunshine SUCKS, do not buy it.



I seriously feel like people intentionally phrase their topic titles badly because they think it's funny. Seriously, at least once a day when I'm on this site I'll see a pitifully-poor thread title.

Know, you'll shouldn't not get Super Mario'll Sunshine.

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Super Mario Sunshine is as fun as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy in my opinion at least.


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When people say Sunshine is not fun, it can only mean one dreadful thing: people are COMPARING! Comparison is not always a good idea, otherwise you'll miss out on some great games. So what if one game sold better than the other? So what if one has more visually beautiful looks than the other? They're still fun games, no matter what.

So, if you feel like it, you should get Sunshine, it's really worth it.

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Yes. Mario Sunshine is a really good game, but it's harder than other 3D Mario adventures and more frustrating.



It's an exceptional game, and doesn't deserve all the hate it receives. I'm playing through it again now, and it's a lot more difficult than I remembered (especially after playing 64 and Galaxy right before).

I think you should definitely get it. It's by no means a hard to find game, and shouldn't cost you much.

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it's good. it's definitely no galaxy, and i probably would have preferred to not have the slightly gimmicky FLUDD, but when seeing the (platforming side of the) Mario series as a whole, it does add some variety, and is nice for that. and i love the delphino characters.

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im gonig to get it but im going to wait for nintendo to release it as a newplay control series



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