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Topic: Retro Review's ... are new scores necessary?

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Depends what the role of the sites are.

I think they behave more like an extension of the marketing department of the publisher. (At least the online only ones).

(You can guess correctly 9 times out of 10 what a review will get here by how many rumor stories and other pointless things are posted in the run up to it).

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I´m agree with #2 Happy Mask.

Another thing, I don´t know why NL do a new review if a game previously launched in Wii VC appears in 3DS VC and then a new review if it appears in Wii U VC. It is the same game!!! It doesn´t need a new review if you can read the first one!!

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There's new features, though, and some might wonder if each new feature makes the game better, so why not rereview it?

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