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I prefer anything PS2 and down. Yes I do have an Xbox 360 and a Wii U but alot of the older games I have a hard time getting into and than once I get them I have a hard time finishing them. Than again even if I finish them I have a hard time replaying them unlike say games from the NES era. Now I am not saying that there arent a few games I enjoy from this gen heck I am really enjoying Assassin's Creed III right now and I really enjoyed Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite just to name a few but overall I just enjoy the older gens.

Also I dont like Mario 3D games. I like my Mario 2D sidescrollers. I played SUper Mario 64, and both Galaxy games but I just didnt enjoy them. Oddly enough though I really enjoyed both New Super Mario Wii and New Super Mario Bros 2 and want to try New Super Mario U despite all the negativity the games got due to being to similar.

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1.Despite the fact that I consider myself an avid retro gamer, I only recently (2 months ago) completed Super Mario World. Also on that note, I think Super Mario Bros 2, in spite of its general unpopularity, is far superior to any other 2D Mario game.

2. I've never beaten a Mega Man game though I've played 1-3 and X extensively. I've also never beaten Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV, or Final Fantasy VI; I just find their plots so convoluted and ridiculous, which I consider odd because there are a lot of games that I adore that feature convoluted and ridiculous plots. Metal Gear Solid 2 is not one of them though. The first and third games in that series are brilliant but 2 and 4 are just batsh*t crazy. Excuse the odd random leap from Final Fantasy to Metal Gear Solid.

3. I do not like any of the Sonic games, I think the level design is poor and doesn't help foster a sense of speed, which in my opinion, is the game's only significant appeal.

4. I don't know if I would consider this retro, but I have never played Half life or Half life 2.



I was too afraid to get the hookshot in Dampe's grave in OoT. I always had my brother get it for me.



I bought too many bad licensed movie games for the NES, and not enough Mario and Megaman. It made me bitter about Nintendo for years after. Batman was decent, though. Just hard.

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I claim to love Mega Man but I've never beaten any of the classic games. I've never even played Mega Man 2 long enough to beat it.

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I haven't beaten Super Mario Bros. either.
I have an enormous backloggery (I don't have nearly any of my unfinished games on the website though)

Now two Pikmin confessions (if those are even considered "retro"):

I hadn't played the original until about two years ago (even though I played Pikmin 2 when it came out).
I haven't beaten 2's Challenge Mode, I've been advancing sluggishly since I prefer to play the actual game.

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Pikminsi wrote:

I haven't beaten Super Mario Bros. either.

I finished last summer!! I finished it last summer!!

...But I didn't get to finish any home console Zelda since Twilight Princess because that's when they started making the giant spiders too realistic and... I hate spiders. :/ I really do.
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I've never been on a NES, SNES or N64.



I never owned a NINTENDO handheld until the 3DS. And now the Game Boy Advance SP. Also I hate the Game Boy Advance Pokemon games. Also my favorite ZELDA game of all time (and the first I gotten into) is The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. Alos Sonic the Hedgehog (dad's genesis) was my first game ever. I'm 16 so I grew up with the GENESIS.

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I never finished a SINGLE game on my original GBA. I got to the Elite Four on Pokemon Sapphire with my cousin's help, though.

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Quite a few Super Mario Bros. confessions. That game was hard and I always felt the need to use the cheat shortcut on 1 - 2. haha

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Alright, I admit it, I borrowed and never returned my neighbors copy of the Legend of Zelda (NES) when I was a kid!

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Well there's no shame in not being able to beat NES games (I've only beaten a few) as they weren't really meant to be beaten (well, only by the gaming ninjas), being based very much on the arcade model, where you would keep dying and thus keep putting more coins in to have another go. Obviously arcade games wouldn't have made much money if the kids put one coin in, completed it in one go and left. After all, most of them were very short (the games I mean, not the kids...) I'm glad that the next-gen SNES/Genesis began to move away from that model.

My retro gaming confession is that when I first played Super Mario 64, I couldn't beat the first level... It wasn't because I was too young or anything. I was 13 and had been a hardcore gamer for a number of years. I just couldn't quite get my head around it. Having been so used to just going from left to right, it just felt so weird and disorientating. I didn't really get what I was supposed to be doing or where I was supposed to be going. Luckily the next time I played it, it clicked, but it does kind of make me appreciate why the general public has never quite taken to 3D Mario as they have 2D Mario.


I am honestly fascinated that there are so many people who have never been able to beat the original Super Mario Bros.

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I can't get past the first level of any Mario game without dying.

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I think I got stuck on World 6-3 on Super Mario Bros. or Maybe 5-3? Either way, it's the one with lot of roped platforms. I always get so nervous on them and screw up near the end...

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I suck horrendously at old Zelda games. (until a Link to the Past). Maybe its because the games dont hold your hands as much and theyre more brutal and cryptic, but I seem to have a really tough time with them. Though I am getting better. Finally managed to get the three pendants and Master Sword in a Link to the Past, so I'm making progress.

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