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@Kodeen Actually though, as a Shenmue fanatic I can honestly say that it really is not a game for everyone. If you get all teary-eyed at men lending their motorcycle to other men, then you'll like it. But it certainly isn't on my "games I berate friends into playing" list. It is what it is.



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I'm pretty sure my favorite Mega Man game is Mega Man 6.

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LOL. Boy, the game must be terrible! Though I am not just going to assume that the game is bad by taking a look at reviews. I gotta play it myself to see if it is bad for me.

None of the 8-bit Mega Man games are actually bad, its just after 2, 3 and arguably 4 the series just became stale and uninspired. Basically, Mega Man was the CoD of the NES.

Yeah, i rented MM4 back during it's release and at that point the classic MM franchise in my eyes became officially stale. I remember playing it for maybe 20 minutes and throwing it to the side in favor of........

What was i thinking?
thankfully MM*9* whipped good ol' mega back into shape, and i remember enjoying MM7 based on the litle bit of playtime i had with it before tossing it aside for MMX, but that most likely had to due with the fact that it was the first 16-bit mega man.

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