Topic: Retro Duo No Audio on SNES!?!?

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I got a retro duo a while back and it's just been sitting around. I decided that it'd be a good time to start rebuilding my snes collection. I bought a copy of Link to the Past and popped it in. It works but there's no audio!! I tried the t.v. and my stereo receiver. I popped it open and I see the two separate boards but I'm not seeing what might control the audio for the the snes portion. I don't currently have any other carts or consoles to test with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Honestly, I would invest in an actual SNES system if you plan on rebuilding a SNES collection.

A lot of the games don't work well on the emulated hardware (Mostly sound issues).

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I know! The reason I'm back on this kick is because I found an snes at my local Thrift warehouse for 10 bucks with a stack of games. Some butt swooped it before I got the chance to find the dude with the key. I've been losing a TON of sleep over my decision to let it slide and not put up a fight!

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Retro duo is fail no matter what, because without an dedicated company it is like buying an Hybrid without an plug and going back to the dealer just to charge it.

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