Topic: Retro Consoles to HDTV?

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Ya, they had to sacrifice lag input for clarity. That's pretty good you can get the same lag with way more hz. THAT would make a difference, but I don't have enough cash for that, AND 3D is what I want.
Ideally, I want a 8k, OLED, glasses free 3D, and a high refresh rate. I would have to be a billionaire with connections to get one of those now, though. Oh ya, 100 of a second lag.
By the time my perfect TV comes out, I'll be 30, and it will still be expensive.


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JusticeColde wrote:

I got a good question.

Where exactly should we go to get a CRT?

I have two already and I'm looking to buy more.

My suggestions would be yard/garage sales and Thrift stores, especially this time of the year with it being tax season and all. I work at my local Goodwill and I have lost count as to how many CRT TVs we had donated to us the last few months.

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i heard that there was maybe a new console on the way called .. Retron 5 ...... has all the slots for the retro Cartridges on the top and plugs in HDTV

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