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I'm going to start a collection of older consoles
I already have a SNES
I plan on buying a N64 for $20
and my cousin may give me his ps1 cuz he doesn't play it anymore

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I have a classics store nearby me
and its $20 there

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Ebay is your friend, I got myself a Megadrive with games and pads for less than £20/$25 and the games are mostly less than £5/$7 including P+P, some more rare/popular titles are a little/lot more expensive depending.


I've got a friend who is going to sell me her N64 with 3 controllers and 30 sum games for $30 XD

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...she's stupid... Really, give her $100 atleast... Don't take advantage of her stupidity like that...


That's pretty cool.

If you can, try to get either a Neo Geo CD or a 3DO. While some of the games on the Neo Geo CD have long load times, there's some good games out there on the NGCD that don't take too long to load & quite a bit of the games on the NGCD are quite affordable.

If you like old PC games, the 3DO has plenty of great ports of them such as Star Control II, Alone in the Dark, Myst, & Wing Commander III for example as well as Gex, Samurai Shodown*, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Captain Quazar, Need for Speed, Road Rash, Guardian War, Pyramid Intruder (JPN-only), Lucienne's Quest, Blue Forest Monogatari (JPN-Only), etc

*- What makes this port of Samurai Shodown so special is that it's the only version of it at the time besides the Neo Geo version that has all characters, the zoom-in/out effect & even the blood & the finishing moves are uncensored!


I remember anticipating the release of those two retro consoles... Master system is good too and I'm a big Saturn fan.
Annoyingly, in PAL regions retro consoles (like the VC) offer 50hz gameplay - unless you have a modded / imported console. I recommend Saturn for SNK stuff in addition to the 3DO, also hosts the best home version of Outrun ever produced and excellent ports of loads of Capcom fighters.

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