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Apologies for the length, but got the idea in my head and it kept building... who would like to see this system on store shelves?

New Nintendo SNES/NES ultimate edition console: The first video game system that will never become obsolete! Has 3 key components:
1. Console and extensive past library available for download only.
2. Infrastructure that allows social activity and tournament style competition.
3. Smartphone/PC interactivity.

Console details:

  • Hardware is small network enabled box. Games are download only. No media support. Keep system geared towards gaming only. Hard drive/cloud backup. Simple and stable as possible.
  • HDMI / VGA output. Console interface is HD or 480i depending on connectivity. Games are shown in their original 8-bit/16-bit glory.
  • Up to 4 wireless Bluetooth controllers that look and feel like SNES controllers.
  • Multiple Nintendo ID logins are allowed per system and per multiplayer game if applicable. Every login has a designated "home" system, but can log into any other system as a guest. (Playing at a friends house.)
  • See your library and each game's progress/achievements easily from console.
  • Able to group games by different criteria (rating/genre/alphanumeric sorting/custom folders).
  • Achievements are both user-related (e.g. attended first tournament. Top 3 in tournament. 10 Tournaments for 10 different games. Hosted first tournament. - Beginner’s Library [ > 10 games]. Posted first Review. Posted first Fan Art. Etc.) and game-related (Game Specific Challenges and achievements. Hours played. Etc.)
  • System logs game time and other stats per player… even across systems preferably. E.g. If you get a new achievement while logged in as player two or are on another system with your profile, it still gets associated with your profile and you see it back home on your system if you already have a copy of the game.
  • "Try before you buy" feature. Limited plays or time limit based.
  • Open up opportunity for future NES/SNES games from major/indie developers with publicly available SDK.

Social interactivity and Tournament Concept:

  • Each game's number of downloads and ranking readily available. Only people who have downloaded can rate games. Finally a definitive answer to what the best NES game is...
  • Player rankings. Friend lists. Easy to compare your scores with others.
  • "Commit to buy" feature for games not yet released to help prioritize releases. Similar to crowd funding.
  • Official Nintendo tournaments. They are not head to head online play... Simply a submission of best score like old "Nintendo Power" days except without the Polaroids. You pick the time and have up to an hour to submit your entry, for example.
  • Scores are submitted with automatic console screenshot and other game specific recognition algorithms to pull certain criteria for entry submission.
  • Rewards for top finishers. Points towards new games for example.
  • Games are discounted on tournament days.
  • Tournament examples:
    • Best time on certain Super Mario Kart/F-zero tracks.
    • Highest Tetris score.
    • Fastest time to beat certain Punch-Out opponents.

Smartphone App/PC interactivity:

  • App / Internet Site used for adding and viewing questions/tips/quotes/favorite parts/reviews/fan art/etc. by game title for purchased games belonging to person logged in.
  • Can be used for viewing box art & user guides for purchased games.
  • On the console, you have the optional ability to see that game-specific content scroll down the side of the 16:9 television screen as play is happening in 4:3 to extreme right or left so you can see this content better.
  • App for game browsing, setting up amateur tournaments for purchased games and receiving notifications for tournaments and library updates.

Why??? What about the Wii/Wii U "Virtual console"?!
Old SNES NES hardware and cartridges are harder to find, more expensive and less reliable every day... Don't let those systems go extinct... And don't make us keep buying new versions of the same classic games through e-shop. Give us a FINAL, definitive version of each of the old NES/SNES games that is true to the original look and feel. Give people a way to play them again and a reason to want to do it on this console's reincarnation with the new social interactivity. My son has a 2DS. New Super Mario and other games, while good, are just not the same as playing their predecessors. Playing these predecessors (when available...) on the newer systems seems like overkill and just doesn't feel the same. We recently picked up a used SNES on eBay to confirm if it was just that time that had gone by, or was there something unique about those consoles/games that cannot be replaced. Result: The SNES is getting more playtime than the other consoles combined!

This "ultimate edition" console would never have to change and you could literally sell it as-is indefinitely, aside from future updates to internet and TV connectivity and compatibility, the core system stays the same. New generations will always want to have the original "Nintendo" experience and this classic console will be in a perpetual state of discovery with new content being driven by the fans. Of course, this system does not replace or negate the need for future development. It actually will allow Nintendo to focus a little more on making their new systems and new games better and worrying less about how they are going to port "Super Mario World" over to their latest console for the nth time...

Hope this idea makes it to someone at Nintendo... and if they feel like sending me a single cent for every one of these systems they sell, I'm pretty certain neither of us would be having any financial worries in the near future...



you lack the power of blast processing so this wont work

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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I have a wiiu, if that counts.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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6teen-bit-bliss wrote:

Playing these predecessors (when available...) on the newer systems seems like overkill and just doesn't feel the same.

... Then why not just use the older systems instead of making a new system?

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I like blowing into cartridges so I would probably pass on this.

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