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Have you ever played a horror game?
I'm sure you have.
And judging by the fact you're here, i assume you've played a Gameboy game.
Now, as a kid, have you ever had a game, like Luigi's Mansion, which as a kid TERRIFIED you, but was still family friendly? And then you grow up to realize it wasn't that scary?
That's Red Screen.

-A b o u t-

Red Screen, based on the Red Screen of Death, namely the PS4 version, in which a red screen flashes on and off. This isn't at a speed which can cause a seizure, but is still extremely eerie. Originally i intended this game to be a rated T game, but settled on Rated E. Why? Well, like the RSOD is eerie, it's just that. Eerie. Also, short. The video showcasing this screen is short, like this game. It's meant to be an eerie and short game. If not feeling eerie, it should make you feel at least a bit uneasy.

-P l o t-

Although the plot is kind of generic, i hope i can show it off in a unique way.
It's 1989. A new talking computer assistant has come out, titled PC Pals. There's a load of colors too! Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink, all with different personalities! Eager to get one, you compile up your pocket money and head to the store. However, you notice on the shelf a Red PC Pal case. You decide to buy it, although the clerk warns you about it several times. You still end up purchasing the Floppy Disk, and your adventure begins.

-D e s i g n e r C r e d i t s-

Game created in GB Studio
Sprites created by me
Inspired by Tattletail


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...How will Red be displayed on a Gameboy.


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It won't be.
In Pokemon for the Gameboy are the Pokemon colored?


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