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I don't know if any of you are huge tech junkies or have tried going online with the Dreamcast, but that's my question. How do I get online with the Dreamcast? I have tried and I really want to get it to work, but I have no idea what to do. I tried several things, some probably stupid and desperate. First, I tried connecting a phone line from the DC to a phone. Wishful thinking, that simply wouldn't work. Then I tried connecting the phone line from the DC to my laptop, which has built in wireless. Again, no go. Finally, I tried plugging the phone line into the jack in the wall, which I assume is hardwired to all phone connections. It's in the wall, and where we plug the other end of phone lines from the phones in our house. So since that was the big boss, I tried that. And while it seemed to work better, as the tone rang the most while trying to connect, it didn't after the 7th ring. So now, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I haven't found many online tutorials either, and the ones I did find were way to complicated Can anyone here possibly help me here??? I actually got Phantasy Star Online and I wanna see if I can do this before it arrives. Any help

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People still try to go online with the Dreamcast!?

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@The Fox: I highly doubt it.
@Cheezy: I'm not so sure how it all works, but I can tell you this: the internet on the Dreamcast is dial-up. Need I say anymore?
And, the DC internet runs off a server exclusive to DC use, so it must have shut down by now.

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Well isn't there an ethernet adapter also available? If thats the case, I know you can at least do it with Phatasy Star Online:

However, your not looking to browse the netz are ya? That'll run and look like shit. Standard Def is 640x480. Lastly, any online done with the DC these days will be done via hacked servers like schtserv is.

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Yes PSO has private servers up and running, same with Quake 3. And since I ordered PSO I bet it would be awesome to play online, I hear online gameplay is better in that. But I had a feeling I would need dial-up to work it. I'd buy the Broadband Adapter and a nice long LAN cable, but the BBA's are WICKED expensive!!

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I've had a Dreamcast since launch and for several years it was my only means of getting online. I have no idea if you can get online with one anymore, but for starters you probably need a copy of the last revised wed browser. If you (more than likley)don't have dial up service after booting up it may prompt you to sign up for dial up thru AT&T. I always used this service. I recall having problems using another carrier like Net Zero, so I have no idea if another dial up provider works, or even if after all this time the AT&T signup page exists, last time I signed up was back in '01. As far as playing any games online you probably gotta dig deep... but I imagine a few people are still doing it via private servers.

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SMW has what you need to know. The web browser works fine still, and yeah, some games are still up. Q3A for example, will only go offline if the PC version does since it uses the same master server.


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The DC is probably no longer supported.

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Also the last hope Wind and water actually is pretty fun

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Not many games can still go online for dreamcast even on private servers. For PSO i'd try one of the other versions.

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