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^well at least you show it in a healthy humble way...unlike most people :/
most forums i get my head bitten off and ban for having such nice things and being proud of it....why wouldnt i be,its a huge feat in under 5years...
i never thought id get so much negativity because i started to collect, but i used that hate to fuel my engine and now look...i moped the floor with every single hater i ever met doing this(ENTIRE N/A SITE & OTHERS),by keeping my chin up and my eyes peeled! being nice,talking to my sellers,a little of God helping too im the end of the day...i won...or should i say "W.O.N." (World of Nintendo) lol
i started collecting to have the childhood i never had and that i was denied,i took literally pretzels & cheese for pay and made it into a historical masterpiece with the hopes of one day having a Son to give it too and share it with...well the day is near! after thinking i was sterile for years do to my disability, my dream came alive inside my new wonderful future wife ^_^
Who thankfully unlike my last wife, loves my hobby. thankfully im done just in the nick of time though,cause with a baby coming i aint gonna be buying for a LOOONNNGGG time! lol
she didnt tell me that but kinda gives me that look like..."DONT,BABY" which i totally understand,its kool,i got what we need

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Oh yeah I admire it but I didn't invest as much in Nintendo collection to be totally honest. All my loose change went into Sega collecting and I got several things I am proud of with it like a JVC X'Eye, Panzer Dragoon Saga and a Dreamcast broadband adapter. But I have been focusing more on NES and Master System. I'm not seeking any Rob The Robot but just a nice collection of games. My last good NES find was 3 Acclaim wireless controllers, all working, for $5. Not much but a good find and a decent start I think. Most of my NES collection right now was from my childhood.

And congrats on the baby. - Dayman
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kool kool! if sega floats your boat by all means! its easier to collect as well.
and thanks!!! i was sooo happy when i found out....just didnt realize there would be such a lack of physical effection though :/
"i dont feel good,you did this to me" XD lmao! oh well...a few months im in! > lol



@RancidVomit86: Sega has some really cool games and consoles. Jelling about your Panzer Dragoon Saga, but not really about your X'Eve huggingmyJVCWondermega

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I used to collect only Virtual Console games, now I collect retro games too! And other obscure accessories.




yo what up! good to see ya! how goes things on nesconnect? they talking sh**t or masking why im gone? lol
"nintendoage#2" i swear : /
well hope youre well,im doing good,got a baby on the way,so im stoked for that!!!!



My NES collection consists of two (2) Racermate Challenge II carts, #4470NES and #5767NES. I also have a Computrainer 8000, complete with 8-bit NES w/ Racermate interface required to 'play' these cycling games. I'm thinking about selling one of the carts. Any idea as to value of a Challenge II NES cart in the current market?



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I'm doing great playa, congrats on the bundle of joy.
Your always welcome here
I would have sent you a pm but I don't know how to send messages on this site.

Lots of great collections here guys, pix are always great to view.



kool,thanks much friend! it was great to hear from ya/see ya! glad youre well.



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