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Hi from the new guy...

I currently have a Supaboy 1st ed. & Im looking to upgrade to either a Supaboy S or a Retro-Bit RDP - V2.0: CORE Edition.

There is a decent review of the Retro-bit on this site but nothing on the Supaboy or Supaboy S.

Does anyone here own &/or use a Supaboy S & have an opinion they could share or maybe a good review to point out?

My Supaboy is a bit disappointing in regards to handling & screen appearance & Im leaning toward passing on both of the new versions & just hoping that one day someone will bring a real contender to market.

Any thoughts or words of wisdom?



You are incorrect, there's actually reviews of both the Supaboy and Supaboy S here on this site.


Supaboy S:

And yes, thread title is confusing; i assume you meant "game gear" in the general sense (as in portable game "gear"), but the "Game Gear" is a portable Sega system from back in the day.

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I will third it in that I was expecting a discussion of the Sega Game Gear from the title.



@KingMike I will fourth it. Anyone else want to bravely step up and admit they were confused.

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I barely comment on these forums, but yes I was dispointed in the lack of Sega Game Gear I was hoping someone had invented one with a better screen and actually usable battery life!

As for the Supaboy S... don't bother if you care about visual clarity/quality. The screen is 16:9 (which makes everything look short and fat) and the wrong resolution (which makes everything fuzzy). Euch.

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