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So it seems I'm finally upgrading to the HDTV era at last. Been after one for quite awhile, but my wallet didnt seem to agree with me. So as you can guess as a keen retro gamer, so I would like one that can play all my systems.

So in short, I need a TV Model/Make recommendation.

Before you say stick to the regular traditional TV, I have no room for 2 TVs in my room. I will get another once I get a place of own someday and have my own gaming room, but for now I want a HDTV that can play my games. Now, I'm not expecting the best picture, just something playable. I tried my NES and N64 on my parent's Samsung HDTV and they look pretty fine (Which yeah, N64 is my fav console, and I had heard they play pretty bad on some). I mostly have Nintendo, Sega and Sony consoles in my collection, so the further systems would be the NES and Master System (And yeah, I'm aware of no lightguns on HDTVs, but thats a small sacrifice.) I mostly use SCART/RGB cables to hook them up to the TV, so I would like a model with at least 2 SCART slots (And 2 HDMI), but if you can recommend any better cables for certain consoles, feel free to post.

Regarding the TV itself, I want one mostly for Blu Ray playback (Have over 30 titles I brought due to bargains and such to save for when I get a HDTV and Blu Ray Player) and maybe someday Freeview HD. I looking for something with 1080i/1080p (Or 1080 whatever, dunno the difference between the i and p. XD) so my current gen consoles (360, ii U, etc.) look great too, as well as the Blu Ray. For size, I'm looking for 32inch and price at around £250 (But if you know a model thats a little pricer, post anyway). Not too fussed about other extras like 3D or build in stuff like Smart TVs, Freeview or such, though it would be a nice extra.

Think that's everything, fire away guys. With any luck, I should have a new HD Telly this week or next. :3

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As you mention scart I'm guessing you're in the UK. I use a 32 inch Samsung for most of my gaming. Not sure the model but it has multiple HDMI and scart ports as well as additional inputs for component cables and the three pin types.

If you have a Dreamcast then make sure it has VGA too (most do). Dreamcast games look beautiful on a HDTV with VGA and most titles are compatible (and most that arn't can be forced via a DCX disc). The official VGA cable goes for a billion pounds on ebay but there are plenty of custom made ones for cheap. There's no difference in how they work so go for one of those. For other consoles like Saturn, SNES, Megadrive etc then the standard connections are fine. Just make sure you set the TV to the correct aspect ratio, thoough, or it'll be stretched accross the screen and will look worse that way.



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